Ada's Christening

Despite not being religious myself, I always knew I wanted Ada christened. I like the idea of her being a part of a community, and we chose the church my Mum got married in, with one of the loveliest vicars running the service. I hadn't set a date until the end of May which gave me only a few weeks to get everything sorted and organised, so it was a busy time but it all worked out lovely and was such a nice day. 

I'm always terrified trying to organize anything; I spend the few days before in a state of constant worry over whether anyone will turn up, will the two families get along (especially with it being their first time of meeting, despite me and Kane being together over five years!), would the food arrive on time and be tasty.. As it was, everything went off without the slightest glitch, and the day was spent tucking into some delicious food, sipping on one too many glasses of prosecco and enjoying some great company.


Mama Friendly Skincare

I've never had particularly good skin, but since having Ada my once spotty, blemish prone and uneven skin-toned face has been replaced with one that looks ten years older, with a baggy, wrinkled forehead, large pores and a general dullness. Although the occasional spot is still there too, so there's really no positives to take from this situation. It's hard to really find the time to treat my skin the way it should be with a little baby in tow, so I've lined up a few of my favourite time saving and mama appropriate skincare items.

By the end of the day, I just want my make-up off me and I want it off now. If I'm really lazy I'll just grab the nearest packet of baby wipes to me, but that's only in extreme situations. The Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is my go-to evening cleanser for something that removes every single scrap of make-up in seconds. I leave my Caudalie Moisturising Toner in the bathroom so whilst I'm brushing my teeth I can swipe a cotton pad covered in this over my face, and by the time I'm done it's all sunk in and I'm ready to jump into bed. 

A few years ago I'd have a few products by the bed and I'd spend a good twenty minutes layering them up to work some magic on my face whilst I was sleeping; now I'm so exhausted when I'm going to sleep that I've just got enough energy for one. The Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream is one of the very few skincare items that I've always repurchased. It's a lovely thick cream, packed full of anti-oxidants with goji and manuka honey, so there's no need to layer up a bunch of serums and oils, this will do the whole job for you. 

When it's finally time to drag myself out of bed, I can usually bet that my face is looking pretty exhausted. If Ada has been co-operating with me, I've usually got the time to pop on a quick layer of my Origins Ginzing Refreshing Face Mask which helps to perk up my complexion, making everything a little brighter and less tired looking. If you follow me on snapchat (username:heymamablog, go find me!) you'll have seen me ranting about the name of this recently thanks to a little song from the 1930s.. But anyway, misogynistic lyrics aside, I kinda love this from REN. I don't know where it's all come from but the skin around my eyes, nose and between my eyebrows has gone hella baggy with large pores. Just a little dab of this tightens it all up nicely and makes me look a little closer to my age, rather than a decade or two older!

Have you tried any of these products? Can you recommend any time saving skincare?


It's been another week of feeling like I'm rushed off my feet. It's Ada's christening on Sunday so I've been busy ordering decorations, altering outfits (the trousers of mine, the neckline of her dress) putting together all the final touches. I've also been offered a little stall at Bygone Times so my mind has been non-stop, thinking about what stock I can sort out for it, how I'll have everything arranged. As well as catching with a friend I need to make more effort with, working, looking after a teething baby and everything inbetween, it's busy. But enjoyable! I don't know how I wasn't bored out of my skull before I had a baby. 

1. Veronica Dearly EU Prints - politics can get very serious, which is fine, it needs to be really, but sometimes it's nice to poke a little bit of humour into a situation to stop people getting so riled up. Whilst there are quite a few people who are still undecided, the majority of people I know are firmly in one camp or another. I'm writing this on Wednesday evening, preparing to get up first thing and head off to vote. I'm personally voting in to remain, but I hope everyone can have a little giggle at these prints, regardless if they got the verdict they hoped!

2. This gorgeous little romper that has just headed into the Mamas & Papas sale!

3. Celebrating National Breastfeeding Week having a look through the hashtag on instagram and feeling proud that Ada and I have reached over six months of breastfeeding. It always amazes me just thinking that my body not only grew a baby, I managed to keep her alive solely on my milk for over six months. 

4. Perhaps I'd remember to take out reusable bags with me if I had one as awesome as this tote from Oh No Rachio

5. Reading about Parenting Boredom on Me & Orla. I think a lot of people out there, who either haven't had children or have forgotten what it's like, might be quick to judge if you mentioned occasionally finding parenting boring. It's not something to be ostracized about, there is only a certain amount of times you can sing along to Mr. Tumble or shake the same teddy around without feeling a tiny bit bored. It's not that we don't love our children, it's that we're human beings who need our own time, too! 

What have you loved this week?

Remembering to Nurture Yourself

I've written on here before about some of my favourite ways to spend some 'me time', but putting them into practice is a whole other issue. Like many things as a parent, it's easier said than done, and with so many things on my virtual to-do list, looking after myself falls by the wayside. Reading through those daily parent newsletters from parenting.com and mumsnet (remind me why I signed up to those?) I'm reminded of ways I should be looking after myself, mostly by putting down my third cup of coffee and going for a walk; going for a real walk, not one to morrisons to stock up on chocolate bars and tonic for the gin I'll be enjoying later.

I've actually been trying to diet recently, despite being a stone and a half lighter than I was before getting pregnant, I'm still not happy with my figure. But I'm also not happy when I've spent the day looking after a teething baby who's refusing to nap, with no treat to come at the end of it! Recently I've even found myself almost racing to the fridge for a cool beer as soon as Ada's snoozing away in her cot, despite never being a big drinker.

I spend so much of my time looking after the others around me that I do forget to look after myself. I wash and put away all of Kane's clothes, tidying his wardrobe as he goes, then when I come to try and find an outfit for myself it's buried in a dirty washing pile, or beneath a ridiculous mountain of clothes forming in my wardrobe. I buy Ada anything and everything she needs, to the point of excess, then when I reach in my make-up bag I've run out of several products. I work most nights from the minute she goes to bed, I forget to just take some time out for myself to just be. Remembering to take some time out for yourself is like getting a good nights sleep for me, I always wake feeling so refreshed and ready to deal with anything the day throws my way. Without it, I crumble and buckle under the pressure too often.

Starting blogging again has been a big way to rediscover my hobbies. I've blogged on different services for over ten years now, and just writing, whether it be something useful like a review, or a ramble like this, I've just loved for so long. I get a little embarrassed to admit just how much I love gardening too, but I really do. I find myself at my most calm when I'm filling pots with flowers, or even digging up the pesky grass and weeds growing between the patio stones. Even if it's just a few minutes spent alone outside, admiring it all, it just gives me a chance to slow down, breathe, and reflect, rather than building up feelings of stress. But hey, perhaps all that gardening will help to burn off all the chocolate and gin calories? I can hope!

How do you nurture yourselves?

For Kane On Fathers Day

Okay, so I know it was Fathers day yesterday, but Kane occasionally likes to have a little peek at my blog, so I didn't want to risk him spying on all his presents! It was Kane's first Fathers Day this year, so I really wanted to give him a special day. Of course it's not all about the presents, but it's still nice to feel appreciated with a few little things to unwrap. I know I'm not alone in that I occasionally give my guy a bit of a hard time; I spend all my days looking after Ada and working after that, and I think the lack of sleep sometimes makes my frustration levels extra high anyway, especially when I'm having to pick up dirty socks and wash up the pots from yet another midnight snack (all the men I know are extremely messy beings, it just seems to be built into their DNA!)

But I realised once Kane headed off to Barcelona for a few days last month and left me as a single mother just how lost without him I'd be. I don't think he'd disagree that I do the majority, but even bringing me home a little coffee treat from work, or taking Ada off me for an hour or so when he gets home, it helps me A LOT so I'm forever grateful for that. Plus he looked after me throughout my entire pregnancy, bathing me and washing my hair when I was too weak to even sit up after being sick for the tenth time that day. He breezed through the birth with me, nothing seemed to faze him; anything I needed or wanted, he did (including almost having his hand broken from all the squeezing!) so I wanted to try and give a bit back to him for everything.

The first gift I bought was the Pulp Fiction vinyl which I bought from a record store in Bangor, although I wish I'd hung on a couple weeks later when I found it 25% cheaper, in Sainsburys, of all places! Pulp Fiction is his favourite film, and this has the soundtrack as well as little spoken excerpts from the film. I have a decent sized record collection myself, so I thought it might be nice for him to have one too!

We've always been big coffee drinkers in this house, but since Ada came along it's cranked up a gear. We do end up just drinking the bean stuff from the supermarkets usually, but whenever I'm out and about and spot some beans, I have to take some home. Bags only last 3-4 days here, so I thought a coffee subscription would be a good idea! I found the Three Month Coffee Club from Bean & Ground on not on the high street; for just £29 a month you get two bags of coffee sent out each month, I do believe it's different bags each month.

Other than that, I picked up a few Dad themed and typical Dad gifts. He was in desperate need of a new wallet and some new socks, so when we popped into TKMaxx recently, I found both of those. I also got the little "Papa" bottle opener keyring from The Fourth Trimester. I hope he loved them all!

Did you have a lovely Fathers Day?

6 Months In

It's such an odd feeling looking back on these last six months; part of me can't believe my once tiny little baby is already half a year old, and part of me feels like she's been here so much longer. 

Some things haven't changed much; I still have my wobbly mum tum, we're still breastfeeding (wahoo!), and as of this going live, Ada is still sleeping in our room. But lots has changed in six months. Ada has turned from a completely helpless newborn who required so much care and attention, to a little baby who's growing in independence each day. She's not really on the move yet, unless you count on her back, then she can scoot across the room in no time. She's close to sitting up on her own, she's rolled over from her front and her back now, she's been eating for a couple of weeks (we started a little early, sssssh! there'll be a whole post on our weaning journey soon) and she pretty much chomps away happily on everything I put in front of her.

Happily is the world I'd use to describe most things about Ada, really. Everywhere we go people stop to have a little look in her pram, and she'll wave around her arms, smiling and giggling away. It doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing, she babbles away, making a real racket most of the time! She's teething quite badly now (if you follow me on snapchat you'll have seen her trying to steal my phone just to munch on it!) but even that she seems to be going through like a little trooper. I can tell already she is so much more confident and outgoing than I am, I hope that never changes. She laughs at the funniest little things, and you can basically make her laugh saying anything to her as long as you look away, then look back and exaggerate the word. Or even scaring her a little, reduces her into a fit of giggles! Playing peekaboo or hiding her under a blanket is her favourite. 

I know it's silly to focus on sleeping habits, most babies suck in this department. But she's even been better at this recently, and she's now finally napping in her cot through the day and only waking once during the night for a feed. I think she's ready for her to finally go into her own room soon, and I know it'll be me having to make the hardest adjustments, not her! I look forward to my evenings when Ada's in bed so I can have a bit of time to myself, only to find myself looking through my phone at pictures and videos of her. 

My little Ada Grace, you have filled my life with so much joy and love in the last six months, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life as your mother. 

Catherine // 25 // Manchester



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