Friday, 6 April 2018

That Time I Was In Homestyle Magazine

Scandinavian Living Room

Not shortly after my Made Unboxed photoshoot, the lovely ladies from Beautiful Homes in the North got in touch to see if they could shoot my home, too. Of course, I agreed, and informed Kane that I'd be having another crazy couple of weeks of doing odd bits of painting, organising and cleaning up! Fast forward a year later (my feature was pushed back thanks a couple of us having the same rug, damn the popularity of the La Redoute Afaw!) and I was in print in the April issue.

Two tone grey kitchen
Open kitchen shelves

A positive of having the issue take so long to go to print was that Katie managed to find the time to come round and re-shoot the kitchen after our renovation. She sent over all the pictures after the issue had been published, including the our old kitchen, and whilst she had obviously done her best to style it up and look as nice as possible, it made me realise what an improvement the new kitchen was! 

Of course, quite a lot around the house has also been changed since, but it's still lovely to look back and get such great quality pictures of our home. Perhaps some day it'll be changed enough everywhere that they can come back and do another one, although I'm not sure if my back is up to all the cleaning these days!

La Redoute Afaw Rug
Grey Chesterfield Sofa

Mid Century Dining Room
IKEA Trestle Table Desk

If you've followed me for a while, you might recognise that the dining room has been decorated (more on that next week!), my office is now Ada's room, and my bedroom has been decorated too. Still, it was a bit of a pinch me moment to see myself actually in a magazine, and yep, I've kept two copies as keepsakes!

Scandinavian Living Room


  1. Oh, wow! That's fantastic news. My favourite room is definititely the dinning area, such a stylish and space-saving space. And the La Redoute rug can look so different depending on how you decorate the room.

  2. The pictures look great. You must be really pleased with it all. Great to have such beautiful pictures of your home published.

  3. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful - well done !

  4. Wow, what a beautiful home you have. It looks so calming and serene. Such a lovely colour palette. It must be so nice to have such beautiful photos of your home.

  5. Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful shots of your own home! It looks fab!

  6. Congrats! I love the subtle play of colour in every room. Very tasteful and calm...

  7. Hi, can you possibly do a post about your plants? I am currently obsessed with the topic and see you have a very beautiful collection.. Thanks!

  8. What a brilliant achievement, the design is gorgeous too!


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