Friday, 3 March 2017

The Day Came To Visit

A little over a month ago now, a very exciting email pinged into my inbox from the lovely people at, asking if they could come round and take some pictures of my home. I had a little panic to myself, followed by a good few minutes of questioning why they'd be interested in my boring old home, before agreeing!

As you can imagine, I spent the week running up to the shoot running around like a madwoman, cleaning every single spot in my house and trying to clear away years of clutter. With a one year old around it was pretty hard work, but I got it all done for the day and the photographers were so lovely, they put me completely at ease. I was feeling pretty terrified about someone coming round and possibly judging my home, so shout out to Jo & Christoph!

You can see my full Unboxed profile here, but I've included a few shots that didn't quite make the cut here too. Hope you enjoy them as much as me!


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