Designing a Scandinavian Bathroom

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The bathroom is next on our list of “big projects” that still need doing in the house, and to be honest it’ll probably be one of our last. It’s also probably far enough in the future that I can spend a reeeeeeally long time planning it all out, although I’ve had the same ideas in my head for ages, and they’ll probably stay there!

Whereas with our kitchen renovation I could afford to be a little bit more daring with varying tones of grey, thanks to the mostly open plan space and south facing design, our bathroom is a little different; little being the appropriate word. It’s tiny; there’s barely enough space for the bath, toilet and sink, and there is no wiggle room to try and rearrange the fixtures at all. 
So, that being said, I think the scandinavian design route would be the way to go. It’s mostly about minimalism, a lot of white or calm, neutral tones, and having functional, but attractive spaces, which works well when your bathroom is as small as mine!
I have a real dislike of subway tiles in kitchens, but bathrooms is a whole other matter. I’m torn between going for a classic white tile or having a bit of fun and colour with a blush pink tile. I absolutely LOVE the hexagonal tiles that seem to be having a bit of a moment, and I think having those as the floor tiles would make a nice contrast in shapes between the walls and floor.
One of my dreams is to have a free-standing bath, although I’m not sure quite how practical it is in such a small bathroom, or whether it would even be appreciated with no space on either end! It ties in well with the more traditional style of heated towel rail too, which fits the scandinavian style a little nicer than the more modern designs on the market. Most of the pieces in my mood board are from iflo; I found quite a lot of ranges on their website that would work nicely with the scandinavian style, with clean lines and simple layouts, and they’ll be releasing a new Scandi range soon too.
If doing scandinavian design right, I think it’s important to be mindful of choosing the right accessories; the oak bathroom mirror really suits the minimalistic and style, and matches up with the danish style sideboard and basin. Of course then I’ll be accessorising with some jute woven baskets, and obviously a couple plants will be thrown in to really finish off the look.
What do you think of my plans? Do you have a scandinavian style bathroom – send me some snaps for inspiration!
*This is a collaborative post.

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