Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How I Manage a Small Desk Space

Small desk spaces

I revealed my new desk space over a month ago now, and I am still so in love with it. Sure, I'd like an office to myself again and ideally, it'd be huge and filled with plants, a sofa and a dressing area, but that will always be a dream. Being the unselfish mother that I am *cough* I gave up my office for Ada to have a bigger bedroom, and relocated my desk downstairs. It's more of a struggle to keep the space organised and fit for purpose, but there's a few ways I manage it.

01. Utilise the space around you - Up again a really high wall? Next to a windowsill? Use it! My desk is in the conservatory, so nice high ceilings, and at first I did think about putting a couple shelves up there, until I decided they'd probably just get filled with trinkets and plants. Instead I have some cute storage boxes from Hay under my desk, and have filled the windowsill with organized notebooks and a pen pot.

02. Keep it clean and tidy - This is probably what I suffer with the most, I am so disorganised sometimes that any space can become a dumping ground for things that don't have proper homes. I've kept the actually desk space tidy except for a vase of flowers (sent over from the lovely guys at Dartington - it's the perfect size and shape!) and a couple plants. My desk has a handy little drawer, so I can keep all my documents filed in there, as well as notebooks and pads organised. It's a good idea to tidy everything away at the end of each working day, so you're not tidying up the next morning.

03. Have a clearout - Sure, it's nice to have super cute stationery and bits and pieces, but with a small desk space those cute Kate Spade paper clips can quickly become clutter. If it's not really necessary and you don't use it all that often - bin it!

Do you have a small desk space? How do you manage keeping it clean and tidy?

small desk space organisation
Dartington glass vase
Hay paper document box
Organised stationery and office


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  1. You have done so well with managing such a small desk space! I need to have a stationery clearout myself, but I can't bare to bin things that I *might* want to use in the future xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk ❥


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