Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Getting Your Bedroom Autumn Ready

Let's face it, any month of the year I always make my bedroom super cosy, but the minute those first signs of September show, I ramp it up a gear. Despite probably spending the least time in there (when I'm awake, anyway!), my bedroom being a clean, tidy, comfortable space is really important to me. So there's a few things I do around this time of year to make sure it's the most hygge-friendly room possible!

01. Add different textures - To me, texture is the best thing for adding a lot of coziness to a room. Whether it's silky soft bedding, faux fur cushions or a sheepskin rug beneath your feet when you hop out of bed in the morning, that's the thing I love to add to my room the most to guarantee ultimate relaxation levels.

02. Invest in quality bedding- This is SO important, and believe me when I say it, because I've made this mistake before. Buying cheap bedding off Ebay because the pattern was nice, only for a few washes later to be rough and unsleepable in. I personally love a good classic white set with a minimal design on, but there's so many amazing patterns and colours out there to suit your style (have a peek at the gorgeous selection by Julian Charles!) Which brings me onto my next point..

03. Decorate in a colour scheme you love - Now, the colour schemes in my house don't exactly differ from room to room, but because it's the shades and colours that I love. My bedroom is exactly the same, filled with white, gold, grey, pink and pops of green with all my plants. It doesn't even need to be an expensive job, a little replace of some curtains and cushions and throws on the bed can make a big difference - I've picked up some tips from the #RenovateRedecorateInspire Ebook

04. Add candles and fairy lights - Is there any age limit on fairy lights? I hope not, because if there is, I've probably approached it. But honestly, what is nicer than curling up in bed on an Autumn evening with a book, hot chocolate, with fairy lights and candles burning in the background? NOTHING is the answer!

05. Clear away clutter - So many of us are guilty of this, that chair of doom in the corner that clothes just get flung on after they've been worn, or having too much stuff lying around. Having some nice storage in the room can help keep the space nice and tidy - I've got a mixture of vintage suitcases and shoe boxes that I've covered in old wallpaper to keep the colour scheme going.

Do you have any tips on getting your bedroom autumn ready?

*This is a collaborative post


  1. I can't wait to add earthy tones to my room and make it cosy with candles for autumn!

  2. Oh my favourite season 😍
    The decluterring step is very important for me because I'm trying to have a more minimalistic lifestyle, but I must confess, candles and fairy lights are my thing 🤓♥️


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