The majority of the time everything seen on this blog will have been purchased by myself and with my own money. From 11/01/13 everything sent to me to review will be marked with an asterix (*). In the posts previous to this, everything will be marked with c/o.

I have the occasional sponsored post featured on my blog, and these will clearly be marked at the end of the post. They are not at all often, and are always all my own thoughts. I would not post about a shop or product if I did not like it or would shop there myself. I also have some ads in my sidebar. I try to keep everything in fitting with my blog, and these are all shops and companies I love, do, and would shop in myself.

I also use Reward Style and Skimlinks, which means I can sometimes get a little commission if someone buys something I feature with an affiliate link.

If you are a brand or company looking to work with me, please don’t hesistate to email me at cath@heymamablog.com