Styling Autumn Flowers with Bloom Magic

Styling autumn flowers from Bloom Magic

We’re well and truly in the midst of Autumn. In fact, sometimes it seems feels like Winter is here already, when I’m driving to nursery in 2 degree temperatures. The days are gloomy, and the nights come before we’ve even finished work. I’m a flower lover all year, but in the darker, cooler months, a bunch of bright flowers are almost therapeutic.

This week I’m teaming up with Bloom Magic , who specialise in high quality, bespoke bouquets, that deliver all over the UK. They have recently launched The London Collection, and today I’ll be talking through my tips and tricks to keep their Westminster bouquet looking fresh for as long as possible.

The Westminster is a beautiful combination of lilac, orange and pink blooms, offering a nod to Autumnal hues with a fresh, bright look. The base of the bouquet are white and purple lisianthus, statement bloom chrysanthemums, with coral roses to give a pop of colour. The eryngium and orange pincushion flowers give it a wild feel. 

Bloom Magic bouquets are professionally hand-tied, and arrive in a rather large box. Probably not an issue, just something to consider when choosing your delivery day. They are wrapped in a water soaked material, meaning the flowers could have a little drink whilst on route, and none arrived looking wilted.

I’ve arranged my bouquet in my new favourite vase, from LSA International. It’s the perfect size and shape to fit the whole bouquet in, and being hand-tied I didn’t feel like I had to re-arrange the selection. I love the impact a large bouquet gives, but in a few days I’ll separate them into smaller jars and vases to dot all over the house.

keeping your flowers fresher for longer

Tips to keep your blooms looking fresher for longer

  • Don’t just pop the flowers in your vase immediately, make sure you cut off the ends. Using as sharp as possible scissors, snip in an upwards motion to increase the surface area of the bottom of the stem. As a result they take in more water, living longer.
  • Consider where you place them. Sometimes where you’d really like your bouquet just isn’t the ideal spot. Try and find somewhere away from heat sources, and not in direct sunlight. The cooler the flowers are, the better. 
  • Buy seasonal products.
  • Strip off any excess leaves before putting them in a vase. Leaves below the water line will encourage the growth of bacteria, ruining the water.
  • Don’t forget your flower food! I almost always cut through it when opening my bouquet, or forget about it altogether. 
  • Try to change the water every 2-3 days. 
  • Finally, consider the size and shape of your vase. Some flowers are notorious for drooping (I’m looking at you, gerberas) so use a taller vase, or take some length off the stem.

bloom magic flowers review

After having the bouquet for around a week, I like to arrange it into smaller bunches. I use smaller pots, jars and vases, and snip quite a lot off the end of the flower. I love being able to dot flowers upstairs too, and it usually gives the flowers a new lease of life. 

I’m absolutely thrilled with my first Bloom Magic experience. The flowers are all fantastic quality, and are a selection you wouldn’t usually find in the supermarket. Flowers are the perfect way to add a bit of colour to my usually all grey home, and that is needed more than ever in the gloomy autumnal months. 

Do you have any tips for keeping flowers looking fresh? How do you like to style your bouquets?

styling autumnal flowers from Bloom Magic

*The bouquet was kindly gifted to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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