Stripping It Back : Why I’m Designing a Scandinavian Home

Designing a scandinavian home

Since we moved into our house, almost four years ago now, I’d always envisaged designing a scandinavian home. I planned out my furniture purchases to go alongside my mid-century pieces, had endless amounts of Pinterest boards at the ready, and pretty much put it all into place. So much so that when Made came round to photograph my house for their Unboxed page, a few of the comments on the Facebook page remarked about how boring, grey, and bland my rooms were.

That’s the thing about scandinavian style; some do find it boring, and prefer more colour. But as someone who used to get teased about how everything I bought was grey, I found it perfect. White and neutral walls that allow the furniture and homewares to do all the talking. Adding interest to rooms with different textures and materials. 

But, somehow along the way I’ve lost that style. I find myself being extremely influenceable, which I find incredibly frustrating. In the past I’ve seen homes I loved on Instagram, images on Pinterest, and felt I needed to replicate that look. I guess part of it is the comparison thing we all sometimes fall susceptible to. Thoughts of “their home is nicer than mine”, and they’ve got more followers than me. So in came touches of boho, more things and more colour.

But that isn’t really me. I’ve always loved neutrals, monochrome, minimalism. Plants on every surface and ceramic pieces, things I really love. Not just own because someone on Instagram owns it too. 

scandi interior

A few months ago I wrote a snippet for an online article about why I loved minimalism. I used the quote from William Morris; “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”, and that’s something I’ve liked to live by for a few years now, despite not putting it into practice recently.

So, I’m stripping it all back, and getting back to that scandinavian home I love. I’m having a huge sort out and will either be selling pieces on, or donating them to friends or a charity shop. I’ve not got a lot of plans to buy anything new for a while (especially after my birthday trip to IKEA this week), but if I do, it’ll be pieces I love, not that I’m influenced to buy from the ‘gram. 

scandinavian home
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