The Perfect Festive Candle? Chase & Wonder The Orangery Review

The Orangery Chase & Wonder Review

After plants, I’d say candles are my second favourite thing to collect around my home. I get to burn them a lot less now Ada’s around; one of her favourite games is “blow out the candle” if they’re anywhere near her height level, so I wait until the evenings. Where, if you think about it, they’re in the perfect setting. The gentle glow in the background of a particularly dark winter evening, combined with a beautiful scent filling the room, it’s easy to imagine why I love using a festive candle to help create a cosy atmosphere in my home.

Festival candle
Festive candle from Chase and Wonder

If you haven’t tried Chase and Wonder candles then now is the time. They have recently launched three new scents; The Enchanted Forest, The Botanist and The Orangery. All three are the perfect festive candle fragrances for the cooler seasons, but I thought I’d head in a different direction than my usual scent and try something fruitier with “The Orangery“. It still is darker than a typical fruit scent, with additions of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, but the orange adds a freshness.

In terms of quality, it’s absolutely one of the best I’ve tried. Chase and Wonder candles are made out of an eco soy and vegetable wax, meaning the candle burns cooler and slower, has a superior fragrance ‘throw’, and they burn cleaner with no toxins or pollutants, and therefore won’t effect allergies. Each candle has a burn time of 50-60 hours, impressive for a candle of that price range. 

And of course, each candle features the beautiful Chase and Wonder design, each differing by the name of the fragrance. “The Orangery” has a beautiful illustration of an orange plant, surrounded by a gold foil square. I think I’ll be putting “The Botanist” on my Christmas list next!

If you fancy winning a Chase and Wonder candle for yourself, head over to my instagram this evening. A quick like and comment and you can be in for the chance to win a candle of your choice.

Have you ever tried Chase and Wonder candles?

*This post contains a gifted product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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