How I’ve Dressed My Autumn Mantel

Autumn mantel ideas

If you’ve seen my last two blog posts, it should be pretty obvious I like decorating for Autumn (see my tips on getting your home a little more hygge and the things you can buy to help here). As well as the windowsill, my mantelpiece is my favourite place to get the decs up. I don’t go overboard and it’s not particularly fancy, just enough to get me feeling cosy and suitably autumnal. Here’s how I decorated my autumn mantel..

Dressing your mantel for autumn and halloween

Sort out your scents

I have candles throughout the year on my mantelpiece, but Autumn always calls for more! I tend to move my more Spring scents and replace them with muskier scents, perhaps with a hint of spice. This year I’ve discovered a new favourite; Sandalwood and Oud from Heyland and Whittle. I honestly have no words to describe how beautiful this scent is, and from the minute I opened the box my house was filled with it. It pairs wonderfully with the Vetiver and Musk Reed Diffuser, both giving such a deep, robust scent off. 

Get in the gourds

If you’re not buying gourds from the supermarket, supposed to be eaten, and instead decorating your home with them; what are you doing?! So far I’ve only found some orange and green varieties in Sainsburys, so I’m still on the hunt for pure white ones. They just look perfect nestled on a mantelpiece or paired up on a windowsill, and make a super cute change to a big pumpkin.

Use autumnal coloured flowers

I always have flowers dotted around the home, I just change them up for Autumn. Gone are the pink peonies, hello deep purple hydrangeas. They’re faux, of course,  paired with a wonderful bunch of deep orange roses; they’re real! I like to stick to these deep shades of yellow, orange, and purples to really get the autumn feel. 

Autumn mantel ideas, including halloween decor

Keep it kitsch

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween season without a bit of kitsch thrown in! I have this little tinsel black cat, to add to the spirit of the season, with a handpainted pumpkin Ada created last year. We’ve even got some pumpkin fairy lights and hanging ghosts, although they’ve been saved for the windowsill.

How do you dress your Autumn mantel?

Dressing my autumn mantel
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    I love the way you decorated! It’s so adorable🍂✨

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