How To Get Your Home A Little More Hygge For Autumn

How to get your home a little more hygge for autumn

I know what you’re thinking, hygge is *so* 2016, right? It might have become a real thing in the UK a couple years ago now, back when everyone owned that “little book of hygge” (find it here, in case you’ve got no idea what I’m on about), but it’s something that I’ve practiced around my home since. And honestly, it’s an all-year round thing for me, being such a homebody, but it’s Autumn when it really comes alive.

Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”) is a Norweigen term for “wellbeing”, and was turned into a concept by the Danes, who frankly are the best at the most things, aren’t they? The regions and people of Scandinavia are regularly polled as being the happiest on earth, even with S.A.D being a thing and living through such harsh winters.

Hygge is often described as more of a feeling, than a concept, and it relates to a lot more than the home too; it’s remembering to get together with friends, playing board games or enjoying a comforting, delicious meal together, which is something I’ll definitely be trying to remember as well as integrating it into my home. I generally tend to hibernate from September onwards, being seen for my birthday in October, then disappearing until March, so I’ll be trying to plan some more get-togethers this Autumn. Anyway, onto tips on how to get more hygge around the home..

A cosy bedroom, filled with different textures, soft lighting and candles.

Soft Lighting

You’ve got to create the right atmosphere, and soft lighting is a huge component of that. For me that means sticking on my (sadly) electric fire (although it does have a “realistic fire glow“), putting on my floor lamp rather than the “big light”, and lighting several candles. Looking around my living room I have a nice even number of twenty in here, a mix of scented, pillar and tealights that all create a beautiful soft lighting. Now it’s getting dark at around 7pm now, candles are a necessity to me.

Make Your Home A Hygge Sanctuary

At the time of writing this Mrs Hinch has 714K followers on Instagram, and when the post goes live she’ll likely have tens of thousands more, so I know I’m not the only one who has been bitten by the cleaning bug. Something has changed in me recently, and I can no longer relax in my home surrounded by clutter, piles of clean washing and kids toys; it appears I’m turning into my Mum.

I’ve been following The Organised Mum Method for a couple of weeks now, and that’s meant I’ve been able to keep on top of my housework a lot more than usual. It’s difficult to feel calm and get the full hygge feeling with a cluttered home, so keep on top of your housework by doing little every day, and have regular clear outs. If you fancy reading some more cleaning tips, I’ve put together a full blog post with how I keep on top of cleaning with kiddos.

Add Texture

This is a part of my home that never really changes, season to season; my sofa is covered in sheepskin rugs, faux fur and velvet cushions, with jute and sheepskin pouffes and large cushions covering the floor. As many soft textures you like mixed together, without feeling forced, is perfect.

A Hygge Living Room - filled with blankets, cushions, macrame, candles and lots of texture.

Make Time For You

Remember to enjoy the space around you, perhaps put down your phone and turn off the tv and get stuck into a good book, or take up a new hobby. Slow down and treat yourself to an extra-long bath, anything that will help you to relax and feel calm.

Don’t Force It

Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy all of the cushions or all of the candles if you don’t need to, hygge is not about about being too extravagant and squandering money. It’s about things that make YOU feel happy, so if you ignore everything on this list and follow your own style, do it! Keep it simple, don’t buy things for the sake of it.

Treat Yourself

That said, if you do want to treat yourself, go for it. On my shopping list this Autumn is some cosy loungewear, a new pair of slippers, and perhaps another couple of candles, because I’m burning through them at some rate at the moment!

How do you get your hygge feeling?

Catherine McCourt

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