Why Every Home Needs Houseplants

Why every home needs houseplants

One of the things people notice most about my home is how many houseplants there are filling every surface. I started off slowly, buying just a trailing ivy and the odd succulent. But it didn’t take long before I built up quite the collection. As I sit at the desk pictured above writing this, there’s ten plants surrounding me. If I walk around my house and count, I’m almost at the fifty mark.

That might seem like a little obsessive to some (read : most). But there’s a whole host of reasons as to why I’m so enamoured with houseplants, and why I believe they’re a staple in every home.

Houseplants can purify the air

Lots of plants purify the air which can be helpful in fighting air pollutants. Especially if you live in a flat that lacks decent ventilation, adding a few houseplants will help. Plants that give off oxygen can also help you sleep better, so pop an aloe vera, rubber plant or ivy into your bedroom.

Reduced stress levels

I know my plants certainly make me feel happier (I know, I know, that sounds lame), but plants are actually scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, make people feel more positive and even lower blood pressure. On top of that, plants also increase your alertness and reduces mental fatigue. So you get why I’ve got ten surrounding my desk now!

Houseplants brighten a room

Really, this is why I got so involved in my plant addiction; because they look nice! When you get deeper into learning about plants, you can discover so many species of each family of plants. Calathea’s (pictured above) are some of my favourites because you can get variagated leaves in shades of green, red, white or pink, and even pin striped leaves. They look drawn on but they’re totally genuine, and so beautiful.

They’re inexpensive

I mean, when you have 50+, that’s probably a fair bit of money spent on houseplants, and my most expensive set me back £20. But as long as you’re not a serial plant killer and look after them, they’re a good investment that can grow and grow and stick around for years. Prices for cute succulents, rubber plants or dracena start from just a few pounds. Hit up IKEA, B&Q, local garden centres or even car boots to get your collection started.

Are you a fan of houseplants? Let me know your favourite below! If you need some inspiration have a read my my top five house plants.

Catherine McCourt

Catherine McCourt is the editor of Hey, Mama, a parenting, interiors and business blog designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget and a kick-ass career whilst you’re at it.

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