How I Take & Edit My Blog & Instagram Pictures

Editing Instagram Pictures

I never actually thought my photography has ever been up to much; it’s not the worst I’ve seen, but certainly not the best either. However, a nomination for a “Best Use of Photography” award in this year’s Amara Blog Awards must mean it’s not as bad as I’d imagined, so today I thought I’d talk through how I take all my pictures for my blog and edit instagram pictures.

Since I got my Google Pixel 2 phone, I haven’t actually picked up a camera since. I’ve been considering getting a new one (something like this waterproof camera would be super handy for holidays with Ada), but for now, my phone does everything I need it to. The portrait mode is incredible for giving those blurred background shots you’d only expect from a fancy DSLR, and the amount of editing apps online mean I can add a couple filters to enhance the picture without making it look un-natural, or taking away from the quality.

BEFORE         |          AFTER


A Color Story is my chosen app for editing; you do get some free filters on there, but my most used ones come from the Fawn, Golden, and Flashes of Delight packages. I like to add 2-3 filters on each image, usually at a low percentage as to not make the picture look too un-natural. The pictures above have the filter “Chiffon” at 75% which gives it a warm tone, with “Sundae” at 24%, then adding a little brightness and contrast on the top.

Generally, I stick to the same editing style with all my pictures to give everything a cohesive feel. After a little tilt and crop to make everything straight and edit out my ugly light fixture, we’re good to go. I wish I could use Photoshop and get to grip with creating pre-sets on there, but right now ACS does the job for me and has helped me develop a bit of a style to my photos online.

To Theme Or Not To Theme

I also like to stick to a bit of a “theme” in my pictures, including plants and flowers in every image, but that’s generally not something I have to force because my home is filled with them anyway! It’s the same with cups of coffee, I usually have one on the go so many of those get included in my images; props and things from everyday life seem to brighten up a picture.

Whenever I get emails off people wanting to start blogs, a lot of them think you need to drop a serious amount of money on equipment to get started, but honestly these days the camera on a smartphone is such good quality, a little know-how of how to edit and style pictures is all you need!

Do you have any tips for taking pictures, or how you edit instagram pictures?

Catherine McCourt

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