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If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I’m forever wanting to change around my home. Mostly it’s just moving decor items around and giving things a little restyle, but every once in a while we do take on a bigger project.

When we bought our home, we did so thinking that, for the most part, it was good to go. We painted everything white as soon as we moved in, and lived there for a couple years without making any changes. First up was our office into toddler room, then a kitchen renovation, followed by a bedroom makeover.

We’re at the stage now where Kane and I are really focusing on our careers (he’s actually just become self-employed too), so these plans are probably not going to be happening even in the next year. But still, it’s good to plan ahead, hey?


We live in a three bedroom house, the smallest of those rooms being used as my stock room. I sell vintage homewares online, and as you can imagine, it all takes up a lot of room. The plan, if we ever decided to have another child (read : should I persuade Kane to have another child) was to have a big summer house out in the garden, built properly so it can be used as a stock room and office. Since Kane has just started his own coffee business, that space now has to be home to his coffee cart, so a loft conversion is definitely something we’ll be thinking of.

I love the idea of having an office space up there so it’s totally out of the way and private, although as it’ll happen when Ada’s a bit older, it’ll probably end up being her bedroom in ten years time when she’s a moody teenager! I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from The Market Design, who design and build in London.


The bathroom is probably my most-wanted renovation now that our kitchen has been completed. I cooled off the idea after the hellish three weeks that were renovating our kitchen with a little kiddo running around, and to be honest the whole thing still fills me with slight dread. But then I go into our bathroom, see our dodgy, uneven tiles, the massive gap around the bath before the tiles start, and all the brown everywhere, and it makes me want to do it.

I’d go for something really simple in this space. I want plain, white subway tiles around the walls, with a black grout, and either some sort of patterned tiles or those mini hexagonal white tiles. I’d like touches of wood too and some natural materials, and it filled with plants, although that sorta goes without saying.


Snore, this is so boring, I can’t even get a good picture for it. It’s another one of those annoying adult purchases that you end up dropping a ridiculous amount of money for, but I know it’d make a massive difference to the front of our house. At the moment we just have a large lawn, with space for three cars next to the house, but only if they’re all parked behind each other. So if I need to leave, Kane needs to move his car, and it’s just a giant pain in the bum. I’d like to be able to get rid of the entire lawn, and get the whole thing paved in a nice herringbone style, with plenty of parking space.


A new front door is something I’ve been lusting after forever. We’ve got much more important things to spend a grand on, so we’ve never got a new one, and I’ve recently been looking into revamping the one we’ve got. It’s one of those hideous white pvc things, topped off with some awful fake stained glass panels. I’ve seen that they can be painted as long as you use a good primer underneath, although I don’t know if that’s just for inside or not. Anyway, I’ll be properly investigating and hopefully kissing goodbye to our horrible plastic door.

Do you have any home renovation plans in place?

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