My Bathroom Styling Essentials

Bathroom Styling Essentials - plants and flowers

I’ve mentioned it before, but my bathroom is my least liked room in my home. It’s in massive need of renovation, but I’m not sure right now when we’ll have the money/time to do it all. So it’s important I get my bathroom styling spot on to make the best of it. Today I thought I’d talk through some of my must-have bathroom accessories that every bathroom needs.


Alright, this goes without saying for every room in my home, but I somehow usually forget to put plants in my bathroom; the room is so small I don’t want to cover what little surface space I have, but I’ve recently added a couple more in here and it’s made a huge difference. First of all I added a hanging plant to my shower rail which has made the loveliest addition. Then I’ve added a weeping fig to the windowsill alongside my aloe. Lots of plants love the humidity and indirect light that comes with a lot of bathrooms, so don’t be worried about putting plants in there. If you’re a bit of a serial plant killer, have a read of my 10 easiest house plants to care for.


Again, I probably have baskets in most of the rooms in my home, but they’re definitely a must-have in my bathroom. I have a few; one to store Ada’s bath toys so they’re not constantly in the tub, one for products that aren’t used enough to warrant a spot on the windowsill, and one for toilet rolls, because that just makes good sense. I’d love to add a large rattan basket with towels in here too, if we floorspace for it.

Bathroom styling essentials - faux flowers and a table to display products


Trays are another thing I have too many of in my home, but they’re just pretty and practical, right? They’re a great way to add a luxe, hotel feel to a bathroom, for toiletries, face clothes, masks and the fancier bits and pieces you own to go on. 

Candles & Reed Diffusers

This one goes without saying; part of my self-care routine is having a weekly bath, surrounded by burning candles. A couple of my favourites are Neom Complete Bliss and a reed diffuser by Churchgate in Black Tea & Patchouli – this has a lovely strong scent to have mask any of the unpleasant smells you might sometimes expect from a bathroom. 

bathroom styling essentials

Fancy towels & a bath mat

My budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full set of fancy towels, but I have a couple hand towels from M&S that have such a lovely design and really brighten up the space. We’ve also just added this jute style bath mat from H&M that is a little different from the usual rectangular styles we see in the shops.

What are your bathroom styling essentials? Or do you have any bathroom styling tips for me? 

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