Styling A Bathroom On A Budget

My bathroom is the one room I’ve never featured on my blog because, frankly, it’s a little hideous. The previous owner put the tiles in himself, which lead to every single tiler who was involved in our kitchen renovation commenting on what an awful job he did. And as you can see, it’s a beige/brown colour, and the tiles cover every wall and the floor, so it doesn’t leave a lot of room to do anything with until we can afford to have it all replaced.

So today I thought I’d share my tips for styling a bathroom on a budget; it’s been a bit neglected recently, but after a bit of a rearrange and restyle it’s looking like a whole new room, and I managed it without spending any money at all, just using things I had around the house.

P L A N T S   A N D   F L O W E R S

I think my first tip for styling up any room is to throw in some flowers and plants (not physically, of course!) I have an aloe vera and a snake plant in here, and surprisingly there’s quite a few plants that can thrive in a bathroom – just watch for your light-levels if you do have a small window. Plants that love humidity, understandably, love bathrooms, so orchids, peace lilies, ferns and ivy are great choices.

I don’t often have real flowers in here, as flowers last longer in cooler areas of the home, but I always have a faux bunch to add a pop of colour to the windowsill.


I seem to have a bit of a thing for trays, and looking around, I’ve somehow ended up with one in every room. Trays work especially well in bathrooms to give it a bit of a luxury, hotel feel, so I keep all my skincare on a tray to keep it all looking cute.


The idea of anyone actually having time to read a magazine in the bathroom (other than in the bath!) grosses me out, but if anyone’s lived with a man you’ll probably have experience of this. I’ve recently got this magazine holder, and it doubles up as a nice toilet roll storage too.

F A N C Y   T O I L E T R I E S

In my personal experience, the minute I see Jo Malone toiletries in a bathroom, the rest of it just blends into the background. Again, it’s a good way to get that luxe hotel feel, so I keep all my nice products on display, and re-use old Jo Malone and Diptyque jars for things like cotton pads and ear buds.
I’ve popped my gold side table in here which makes a nice change from your typical bathroom furniture; it’s glass with metal legs so will be able to withstand the temperatures and possibly splashes that comes from being in a bathroom.

K E E P   I T   C L E A N

Honestly, above everything, keeping the room clean makes the biggest difference for me. I like to do a big deep clean once a week, and keep wipes and sprays on hand to give it a quick spot clean when Ada’s in the bath. It’s one of those rooms that just shows up every little mark so it’s important to keep it clean and tidy, and make sure to give it a fresh lick of paint every once in a while.

S E E   A   C O N S U L T A N T

If your space really is so bad that no amount of styling, plants and nice toiletries will make any difference, head somewhere and see a bathroom designer. Head to an affordable place, or keep your eyes peeled for sales to save a few pennies.
I’m really looking forward to when we finally can afford to get our bathroom renovated, but in the mean time I’m pretty happy with this styling. If you are looking for bathroom showrooms you can check Harrogate Bathrooms Showroom.

How do you style your bathroom on a budget?

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