A Dekoria Haul : The Finishing Touches

I’m forever talking on here about “finishing” rooms, when we all know that I’ll probably never be finished. Sure, most of the rooms in my house I’m really happy with, but at the same time I could walk into most (if not all) of them and reel off a bunch of things in my mind that I want doing. Fresh coats of paint, new lighting, different artwork.. until we come to the upstairs bedrooms, and really I was happy with both of the rooms, but perhaps they were just missing a couple of things.

When Dekoria got in touch, I thought now would be the perfect opportunities to add in those few little pieces I’d been thinking of, which in Ada’s room, meant curtains. When we decorated her toddler bedroom we put up the blackout blind immediately to keep all the light out, but it didn’t really look right without curtains. Dekoria have an amazing range of curtains, all in different styles and with so many different fabrics to choose from, I probably spent a good hour searching through them all before settling on navy. With her wallpaper being so bright and detailed, I thought a plain curtain would work best.
We got the Slot & Frill curtains, which were made to measure to fit the space perfectly. They’re unlined, which is fine for us having a blackout blind already, and being such a dark shade I thought unlined would make them feel a little lighter. I was a tiiiiny bit worried that they’d arrive and be completely wrong, but the shade matches the wallpaper perfectly.
We’ve paired them with the Scandi vase and a couple of bunches of artificial flowers on the windowsill, which again, fit in nicely with all the different colour shades of her room. I really fell in love with the Vera pom pom cushions, so I got one in a pretty pastel purple shade for the chair in her bedroom; I didn’t realise the texture would match that of the chair so well, but it kinds looks perfect!
In fact, I love the pom pom cushions so much I had to get one for our bedroom! I’m not really in love with the chair in here anymore, and it helps add a bit of excitement to it. I’ve also added this gorgeous felt magazine holder in here too, I love love love the design of this. It could really go in any room in our home, but I’ve added some magazines and books in here to try and encourage me to do a little more bedtime reading.
What do you think of my additions? Have you ever shopped at Dekoria?

Catherine McCourt

Catherine McCourt is the editor of Hey, Mama, a parenting, interiors and business blog designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget and a kick-ass career whilst you’re at it.

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  1. May 24, 2018 / 5:02 pm

    Hi Catherine, I love how you have transformed rooms with just a few touches – gorgeous pieces too! I am feeling inspired to do the same in my home.

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