Choosing The Right Bedroom Colour Scheme For You

We recently gave our bedroom a makeover, and at the time, I didn’t think our space could get much more relaxing that the white and gold decor we had, accompanied with touches of pink and grey. We wallpapered our feature wall in a grey floral design paper, with a light muted grey paint, and it now feels more calming than ever. Today I thought I’d talk through some of my favourite colour schemes for bedrooms and how to achieve the look.

G R E Y   &   P I N K 


As you may expect, with it being a similar colour palette to my own bedroom, this scheme is my favourite. The muted tones of the grey create such a calming atmosphere, and both are perfectly accessorised with tones of blush pink, gold and copper, with lots of different textures and materials.

I like how in both of these examples, the upholstered beds are both shades of grey, so the bed blends in nicely with the decor of the room and creates a really luxurious look. Bed Guru have a fantastic range of upholstered beds, and are running a #FabricGuru campaign to ensure that everyone has a bed they love in whichever colour and size they need, so we all get a good night’s sleep!


Mustard and blush pink is one of my absolute favourite colour combinations, although I wouldn’t have thought of doing it in the bedroom. These mustard pillowcases are the perfect caramel-gold tone that isn’t too much in such a relaxing space, they look fantastic against the blush pink headboard and white sheets.

B L U E 

Until we decorated Ada’s toddler bedroom last year I would have never considered creating dark walls in a bedroom; I’m always naturally drawn to such light interiors, I would have thought that navy blue walls would be too dark to wake up to in the morning. But done right, they can look great.
Having white furniture and accessories dotted around certainly helps the room from being too dark, and I love the addition of a bamboo headboard too. We have a similar look in Ada’s room, lots of white furniture, natural materials and light rugs to open up the space.

What is your favourite colour scheme for the bedroom?

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