Another Family Room Addition

People who know me personally think I have a bit of a thing for chairs. It used to be side tables, and now it’s chairs; in fact, it’s been remarked that for someone who has relatively very little people ever come round to her house (about two max. a week!) I have a silly amount of chairs. I love all sorts of designs and colours, but I had never considered something like a floor cushion, that is until I was introduced to Denys & Fielding.

When I think of floor cushions, the image of those awful bean bag chairs we all had in the 90s spring to mind, but these are a world apart. There’s a choice of seven fabrics, and this monochrome feather and splatter print material fits in with my decor perfectly. The bottom is made out of a thick canvas material, meaning it doesn’t slide all over the floor and it’s a waterproof material, so it’ll be great for the garden too (if the rain stops for long enough!)
One of the things I was worried about with getting a floor cushion was is it going to be comfortable enough to sit on for a decent amount of time, and this definitely is. I’ve sat on this for a good 2-3 hours whilst playing with Ada on the floor, and it kept it’s shape and was extremely comfortable to sit on – no numb bum around here!
I’m really thrilled with our latest addition to our family room, and honestly, it’s a bit of a battle of who gets to sit on it at the moment. It’s a lot more comfortable than sitting on the floor whilst playing with Ada, but I’ve got to compete with two cats and a child who loves to jump and fling herself on it, too!
If you fancy treating yourself to a floor cushion, use the code “HeyMama!” at the checkout to get 20% off! (valid until 4th May)
* I was kindly sent the floor cushion free of charge for review purposes. All thoughts are honest and my own words. Thank you to the brands who support Hey, Mama. If you’d like to work with me please head here.

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