Introducing The Interiors Hub

So, newsletters seem to be having a bit of a thing, right? I spent a good half of last year feeling like I really should have one, but honestly who would be interested? No-one really needs an update on the 1-2 blog posts I put out into the world every week, and honestly, I’m just not that interesting a person. 
I could have filled the space with new achievements of Ada’s, new words she’s saying or all the stuff she’s been up to, but I can imagine the only subscriber to that would be my Mum.
2018 has already seen me sign up to several new newsletters (notably Allie’s Slow Sunday Club, Rhianna’s The Uncool Club, and Charlotte’s Monday Motivator) and so it got me thinking about the sort of thing I’d like to create. The content that really I’d like to read, and perhaps something that isn’t out there yet, or at least you haven’t found it anyway.
And really, I’m all about the interiors, so introducing..
(perhaps just imagine me in the corner, writing away on my laptop, hey?)
The Interiors Hub will be a weekly newsletter, packed full of, well, interiors! It’ll include some of the best blog posts and articles from the week, Instagram accounts you really NEED to follow, new bits to buy from the high street and independent shops, we’ll discuss trends and so much more.
And so, I’d love it if you could do one of two things; firstly, please sign up here if any of the above sounds like it could be some interest to you. 
Secondly, I really want this to build up a little community of interior lovers online, so if you do share a favourite corner of your home or your latest interior purchases, use #TheInteriorsHub hashtag. I’ll be popping all my favourite shots, accounts and blog posts in the newsletter every week, so it’ll be a great way to discover some new people to follow – any and all kinds of interiors are welcome!
The first newsletter will go out Monday 12th at 9am – I’m so excited!

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  1. February 7, 2018 / 9:38 pm

    Ive signed up. This sounds like it will be an interesting read. Your home always looks very stylish so I'm sure that The Interiors Hub will be just the same.

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