A Better Night’s Sleep With Zonesleep

I haven’t always been so blessed in the bed department; back when I was a skint student, I had to make do with a second hand bed. It was an ugly 1980s divan, with a paper thin mattress that had about an inch of space where you weren’t constantly being attacked by springs attempting to come through the top.
Fast forward a few years, and we’ve got a bit of a better set up. We have a king size bed, topped with a proper memory foam, costing a good few hundreds of pounds, mattress. I have absolutely no issues falling asleep; my head hits the pillow and within five minutes, I’m snoring. I don’t have any major back issues (only occasionally), the only middle of the night waking I do is from Ada.. I didn’t think sleep could get any better. Until I was introduced to Zonesleep.

The Zonesleep Mattress Topper has a triple layer design, created to help posture support with durability, a lovely soft middle layer for comfort, and a top layer for breath-ability. Whilst neither of us have any real ailments, both of us found upon waking we sometimes had stiff necks, or lower backs, and that has completely disappeared since using the topper.

It’s also really helped with regulating our body temperatures; I’m sure we’re not alone in that we’re crawling into our chilly winter beds in one too many layers, and this has meant we’re not waking up covered in sweat (nice) and needing to hop in the shower immediately!

We also got the Zonesleep Spacer Pillow which I donated into Ada’s room, and she loves it! Her old pillows (despite being decent quality) would always need fluffing up. I only touch this one when I’m changing her bedding, it keeps it’s shape so well and is really supportive on her head and neck.

If you’re struggling with body pain, back ache, overheating, or even if you just fancy adding a bit more comfort to your bed, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Zonesleep website. I’m considering heading off and getting more pillows for Kane and I (he’s definitely jealous of Ada’s!)

If you fancy a topper for yourself, get £20 off with the code FB20!

*The Zonesleep mattress and pillow were kindly sent to me for review purposes. All opinions and words are honest and my own. Thank you for supporting this blog and making these collaborations possible.

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