To Studio Or Not To Studio?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that a little while ago now I very unselfishly gave up my office space to give Ada a bigger toddler bedroom; the things you do as a parent, eh? It’s left me with just a tiny box room to store all my shop’s stock, and a tiny desk in the conservatory. The space is less than ideal and I can hardly even squeeze into my stock room, which has got me thinking recently about getting a studio space somewhere. 
As small businesses grow, there’ll come a time where yours might benefit greatly from expanding into new premises. From preparing yourself and your business for the move, to fully personalising the new location with the help of an office fit out company, there’s certainly  a lot to consider.
So, that said, here are some tips on what to keep in mind when looking to expand your small business.

Knowing your limits

When your business gradually starts to take on more and more clients and customers, you might eventually find that you’re not running as efficiently as you used to.
You’re at the point where you can’t manage any more customers without it being detrimental to the overall experience, while adding any more new staff would only make things more complicated around the workplace, rather than quicker and easier.
When you get to this stage, taking some time to track down and research a new or additional location for your business to operate from will definitely pay dividends once you’re able to meet all the extra business that’s been coming your way.

Know your area; know what will work

When you’re looking for another business location, there are a range of considerations that
will all come together to help you find the location perfect for you.
For example, what if you find an office or building that looks amazing, and would likely be
perfect for building your brand.. but it’s in a pretty unusual location that’s either far
out or difficult to access for your customers and staff?
So when you’re tracking down that perfect new office location, rate it on a combination of a
couple things:
·        Location – how easily accessible is it to staff and customers?
·       Visibility – If it is easily accessible, are you easy to find?
·        Style – Does the building look inviting, professional and well-designed?
·     Size – How much growth will the new premise allow before you expand further?
Finding the right balance between these factors will help you choose the perfect location for the future of your business.

Expanding on a brand identity

New business locations are also far more than just another place to operate your business from; they can be a great way for you to create or expand a brand identity.
For example, if your business started from home, it might have been harder for you to inject a sense of unique personality and style into your workspace thanks to all the other obligations that come with a home office.
With a new dedicated workspace for your business to grow in, you’ve got a great opportunity to cut loose a little and design an office that works for you, your staff, and your customers.
Do you prefer keeping it quite minimalistic and laid back? Stick to a lighter colour scheme, and include only a handful of statement decorative pieces.
You could channel a little of your personality too. If you’re a bit of an art buff, then an office with a variety of unique paintings and posters adorning the walls will certainly make a statement. Or if you hold green, renewable values dear, then unique recycled furniture and a large assortment of plants will help show this as a cornerstone of your brand identity.

*This is a collaborative post

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