Styling a Christmas Mantelpiece

Christmas mantelpiece
There’s a few areas of the house that I really dedicate to decorating for Christmas, and after the tree, I’d say the mantelpiece is one of the most important. The rest of the year I choose quite a minimalist look on my mantel, but that goes out of the window around the festive season. 
How to style a christmas mantelpiece
Glitter hanging stem
gold and white christmas decorations
I was sent a few pieces from the lovely folks over at Amara, all from the Winter Blush Christmas collection, so I really based the styling around those pieces. As you might expect from the name, the collection is full of beautiful toned dusky pinks, rose golds and metallics, which fits in really well with the rest of my regular decor. 
Starting off with probably my favourite piece, the white glitter hanging stem; this left glitter aaaaall over my living room when I unboxed it which less than impressed Kane, but he best just get used to the excess glitter this time of year! I didn’t actually get the copper bird decorations to go on the stem but I loved the contrast of colours when paired together. These are so beautiful and delicate, I love the little glitter and feather tail.
Also from Amara is the pink champagne tree; I have the large version of this but there’s a few sizes, I might treat myself to the small one to sit next to the large. But seriously, can you ever go wrong with pink and glitter?
faux magnolia
christmas decorations
copper bird christmas decorations
Lighting a massive part of any sort of Christmas display, so of course I’ve got my usual ridiculous amounts of candles on offer. The copper candlesticks will be filled with dinner candles, and I stuck with my combinations of pink, white and metallics. 
I wanted to make sure the display had some height in areas as well, so I added the large gold star I picked up from T.K.Maxx this week, paired with smaller items like the faux magnolia and little mistletoe bunches (from Asda, of all places!)
What do you think of my display?

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