Updating Your Kitchen On a Budget

I lived with my hideous 1980s kitchen for almost three years before we finally had enough money to get it completely ripped out and renovated. It’s probably one of the most expensive jobs someone would ever get done to their home, but there are a few ways to update your kitchen to a space you love whilst on a budget.
01. Paint the cabinets – Our old cabinets were covered in a pine looking, cracked laminate that was just awful. For a long time I considered pulling it all off and painting the cabinets, which is a relatively easy but laborious task to do. It’s an easy way of getting the exact kitchen cabinets you’d love, and as long as you prep and use a good primer on the cabinets, the end result would be great quality.
02. Replace handles and knobs – Perhaps you’ve moved into a property where you like the majority of the kitchen but it just needs a little modernising – updating the cabinet handles would be perfect for this! Make sure you measure the holes that are already drilled in, unless you’re prepared to fill them, and start again (only really recommended if you’re doing 01. too), but there’s a huge amount of options you can buy online reasonably for a quick update.
03. Update the tiles – I see a lot of people online doing their own kitchen tiles these days, so if you’re choosing a basic pattern it isn’t too hard to replace the existing tiles yourself. If you don’t have the budget for new tiles, get some tile paint or covers! You can pick up tile paint in most DIY and discount stores these days for a super cheap update, or you can even buy tile stickers in a massive range to suit your particular kitchen style.
04. Make the most of what you’ve got – Personally I just left my kitchen as is, knowing one day we’d be able to start from scratch, so I used the nice homewares I had to make it look as presentable as possible. I used chopping boards propped up on the walls to cover the hideous tiles, I stuck vases of flowers and plants on every surface to try and detract the focus from the falling apart kitchen. Pile up recipe books, get some nice accessories from places like Wilko or IKEA, and make the space your own.
05. If you do buy a new kitchen, recycle your old one – My kitchen was in such a used state I could only pay people to chuck it in the skip, but recycling is a great option if a kitchen is just not your style, but still in good condition. Used Kitchen Exchange is a fantastic way to reclaim a bit of your budget after buying a new one, or you could even buy a secondhand one to keep your costs down.
Do you have any ideas on updating a kitchen on a budget?

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