My Top 5 House Plants

House plants have featured on my blog before (you can read about the easiest houseplants to care for here!) which is kinda to be expected considering I own almost 50 of them. I only started buying them about 3 years ago now, but the obsession has spiraled slightly out of control, so I thought I’d talk through my 5 favourites today.
#1. Monstera Deliciosa – also known as the swiss cheese plant, this little (or not so) has to be one of my favourites. Mine has been sat near a window sill that gets no direct sunlight since I bought it over a year ago, and it has never stopped growing. I repotted it last month and it’s since gained about 4 new leaves; I love seeing them shoot up and slowly uncurl. 
They are incredibly easy to look after – the leaves seem to curl up slightly if it needs watering, and sends up water drops if I’ve been a bit heavy handed with the watering can.
#2. Heartleaf Philodendron – this is my oldest plant, and it was so so teenie when we brought it home! It’s another that keeps growing and growing, and has been chopped a few times now to stop it trailing on the floor and looking a bit leggy. Again, it’s so easy to look after, no direct sun but plenty of light and a little water will keep it sweet.
#3. Pilea Peperomiodes – It took me FOREVER to find one of these, which is strange considering just how easy it is to propagate them. My plants are constantly sending up little babies, which I just dig up and repot, and in a couple months I have a whole new plant again! I keep sending off little plants to friends and relatives, and I have them in every room.
#4. Rubber Plant – I have a couple rubber plants in my house, but the smaller one is my favourite variation. It has beautiful tones of pink, green and cream as the leaves grow through different stages, and it’s another really easy one to look after – are we sensing a theme?! A bit of water and making sure the leaves are clean will keep this one happy.
#5. Snake Plant – Lastly, the “Mother in Law’s Tongue” plant is definitely in my top five. It’s a tropical plant, although can live in situations with not a lot of light, and can basically be neglected for a good few weeks and you’d never know. It’s such a tough plant with thick, spiked leaves; I actually should be repotting mine soon as they’re known to crack through pots if they get too big for them!
What do you think of my choices? Do you have a favourite house plant? 

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