Decor Essentials Every Room Needs

If you look around the rooms of my home, in the majority of them you’ll see quite a few similar looks – hey, I know what I like! There’s lots of white walls, grey and wood furniture, pops of pink and gold dotted around, and lots of greenery. I basically have a few rules for decor that I like and I stick to them, so today I thought I’d talk through some of my decor and styling essentials.
01. Plants and flowers – of course, this has to be first on the list, did you expect anything less? For me, there’s just no easier way to add a bit of style and charm to a room than throwing a couple house plants in there, and the bigger the better! I still dream of owning a huge fiddle leaf fig, but I also still dream of having a bank balance where I can drop over £100 on a plant and think nothing of it.
Flowers are less of a priority for me these days, although that said I do have little vases in every room of the house, I just usually go for faux (there’s a really lovely selection at places like Homesense, TK Maxx and Dunelm). Most of the time I do have a real bunch too, and a seasonal bunch of flowers is a lovely way to brighten up the home.
02. Candles – now, you’re going to think I sound a little crazy, but I think candles acually say quite a lot about a person – stay with me! There’s so many different designs and typography to reflect your personality, as well as different designs; are you a cheap and cheerful Yankee Candle fan or a sophisticated Diptyque lover? Saying that, I actually have a mixture of all sorts of candles dotted around my home, so that probably doesn’t say much about me (except that I have a strong candle addiction). They’re a perfect way to add some warmth to a room, too (not literally!)
03. Books – books are another thing that speaks volumes about a person in their home. I don’t have anywhere near as much space for books as I’d like, and to be honest the ones I do have out are more for the design than the actual content (going against all my own rules here!) But generally books are a way of adding a lot of your personality to a room, as well as looking good too.
04. Personal items – these sorts of things go hand in hand with books to really show off who you are as a person. My brother, for example, is a photography lover, and not only has a massive display of vintage cameras in his spare rooms, but bits and bobs popped all over the rest of the home too. I have a few vintage bits and pieces dotted around my home, just to give it a bit of a different look from something straight out of a high street store that can be easily replicated. 
05. Artwork – I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my walls, but I really hate them when they are just blank. Not every wall needs filling, and it’s quite easy to go overboard, but at least a few prints and posters dotted around each room. I like to use a mixture of old posters, illustrations, mirrors, clocks and framed wallpaper. 
06. Rugs – this is usually a personal preference, but I love rugs in mosts rooms (not the kitchen!) and the bigger the better! They’re almost as important to me as walls, a bare floor just makes me sad; even when it’s a beautiful herringbone parquet floor – it still needs a rug! I’ve layered rugs in Ada’s toddler bedroom and I love the cosy vibe and textures it adds to the space, as well as still being totally obsessed with my huge La Redoute rug in the living room.
07. Lighting – not thinking as much about lighting is something I’m definitely guilty of, but it’s down to funds rather than lack of trying (why is cute lighting so bloody expensive?!) Every single ceiling light in my house needs changing, but I do have a good selection of table lamps and candles to help add some ambience to a space.
What are your decor essentials when styling your home?
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  1. October 16, 2017 / 7:45 am

    The lighting is very important to create great ambiance in a room..

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