2017 Goals – A Mid Year Review

It’s slightly terrifying me just how quickly this year is going by; Ada is closer to two years old than one, and Kane is turning 30 in January (I best get saving up!) I usually write myself a new years resolution list and then completely ignore it, well.. forever. This year I thought I’d try to be a little bit more proactive and review all those goals I set myself at the start of 2017, see what I’ve achieved and what I can work on for the next six months.
A big one for me was working hard for my family, and that’s something I feel like I’ve mostly achieved so far. Unfortunately in my line of work, working hard and how much effort you put in doesn’t always equate in sales, so there have been a few little dips over the year so far, but overall I think I’m on a positive road (have a little peek at my shop!). I’m still blogging pretty sporadically too, which is a combination of feeling like I just have nothing interesting to say and not having the time for it. But I’m happy to have finally hit over 2000 followers on Bloglovin’, and have worked with some lovely brands like Cox & Cox and Dartington. I also had a photoshoot with Made.com for their Unboxed page at the start of the year, and I’ve had another exciting photoshoot recently (I can reveal all in a couple of months!), which I’m really proud of. 

Another thing I’m winning at is taking it easier on myself; whilst there haven’t been any trips to the salon or to get my nails done (sob!) I’m not spending every spare minute of my day busy cleaning or working. I have managed to relax on the home front, and I don’t mind a bit of clutter around or a dusty sideboard these days. I found myself getting pretty stressed out trying to do it all, and this year I have managed to relax a little bit more.
I really wanted to sort my health out this year, and this is something I’m still working on. I go through stages of being super healthy for a few weeks, then I’ll have a bad day and I’ll completely fall off the wagon. It wouldn’t be too bad if I managed to get back on straight away, but it takes too long. That said, I am eating better, I’m eating proper meals throughout the day instead of just snacking on crap, and I’m eating the healthier meals that I usually just make for Ada. Takeaways have been reduced too, and I’m drinking more water. It’s still a work in progress, but I’d really like to be able to lose some weight for my brothers wedding next year.
Overall, it’s pretty much as I’d expected. My goals haven’t been completely neglected, but not totally on track either. I’m still feeling positive though that I can make 2017 a pretty bloody good year. Have you reviewed your 2017 goals? Read my post on making it your year for some inspo!


    • July 16, 2017 / 7:31 am

      Good luck with it – I'm trying to hop back onto healthy eating next week!

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