Keeping On Top Of Cleaning With A Kiddo

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I’ve been it all in terms of cleaning; when I first met Kane I lived in a DUMP. I didn’t clean, I didn’t even own a hoover, I was basically a typical student (despite having dropped out of university). Fast forward a couple years and into a much nicer house with much nicer belongings, I appreciate everything I own so much more. So I like to keep my home as clean and tidy as possible. Throw two cats and a toddler into the mix of two working parents, and it’s really not as easy as it seems to keep the pots from piling up on the kitchen counter or dust covering the furniture so thick you can write little messages in it. But I feel like I’m finally getting on top of keeping our place in a (mostly) spick and span order!
01. Use your time wisely.
It’s a no brainer really – if you’re busy, you’ve got to make the most of any free time you do have. If you’re not really bothered about washing up or hoovering then by all means, when your kid goes down for a nap, make a brew and get your feet up on the sofa. Personally, I’d get to it – sort out the washing, give the living room a quick dust. I also use times like if Ada is eating lunch, I’ll pop on some music and clean the area she’s eating so I’m still keeping her company but not just sat with her.
02. Get your kids involved.
Now, it’s a little bit early for Ada to be scrubbing toilets at 15 months old, although she is partial to wiping the floorboards with a stray baby wipe. But as soon as she does grow up, she’ll be helping out with chores around the house. It’s a great way to implement a reward system and get them involved a bit more.
03. Get a wash on first thing in the morning.
Am I the only person who occasionally sticks a wash on at night only to be too lazy to hang it out? It ends up just staying in the machine and put on another wash in the morning. I now get one on first thing in the morning, and usually hang it out if I can distract Ada with colouring or when she goes down for a nap. Then it’s out and normally dry by the next morning
04. Do a load of washing every day.
There’s only three of us in this house, but I’ve still got more than enough washing to do a load every day. If I leave it a day I’m always playing catch up, and with only one laundry basket, it makes quite a bit of mess.
05. Leave the house.
Wahey! This is a perfectly good option – head out for the day, and then there’ll be no-one home to make any mess!
06. Have an end of day tidy up.
This is a bit harder to do if Kane is in work, but if he’s off he can do Ada’s bath and bed time whilst I wash up, put away any toys, hang up dry washing, and generally get rid of any clutter.
07. If it can be done in a minute, do it!
Things like leaflets posted through the door, making the bed, a quick sweep up – they make such a big difference to spaces yet only take a minute or two to do.
Do you have any tips on keeping on top of cleaning?

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