10 Of The Easiest House Plants To Care For

It’s no secret around here that I’m a bit of a house plant fan. On my last count, I was almost at 40, and I’ve probably gone past that now. Perhaps excessive to some, but I can’t make a trip to the garden centre or florist without wanting to add to the collection. HOWEVER, I’ve not always been the best plant Mama, so it’s important that they’re relatively easy to look after, so I don’t end up the proud owner of 40 dead plants. I thought today I’d round up ten of my favourite, easy to care for plants!
01. Heart Leaf Philodendron.
I think this is my longest owned plant, and I actually keep threading up the strands because it keeps reaching the floor (and in reach of toddler hands!) When I say this plant has been neglected, I really mean it. Up to a month at a time of not watering (not recently!) and it still carried on. It’s a lovely trailing plant with deep green glossy leaves, and all it needs to thrive is a bit of water every fortnight and a clean with a cloth to keep it dust free.
02. Cacti.
You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ cactus. I’ve had a few for years now, and some grow, some don’t, but they all require pretty much the same treatment. Water more in the summer months, ignore in the winter, and give it a bright airy space, but not too much direct sunlight. 

03. Spider Plant.
A spider plant is like the ultimate retro plant to me, it reminds me of the 70s so much. It’s not my absolute favourite but in the right space it can be great. Give them a good water but let the soil dry out between feedings, with plenty of light and a spider plant will love you.
04. Monstera Deliciosa.
Also known as a cheese plant, these guys definitely are one of my favourites! They’re a funny old plant, doing things like growing aerial roots (that are so pesky to try and shove back down in the soil without breaking!), but they’re also clever little things in that if you do overwater, lots of little water droplets will appear on the leaves. Don’t make a habit of it though! These can survive in a slightly shadier area, but will grow quicker in a space with bright, indirect sunlight.

05. Mother in Law’s Tongue.
I love the name of these so much (also known as a snake plant), and they really are sharp little things! This was one of my latest acquisitions, It’s a desert plant so it sits in my conservatory, and prefers too little water to too much. Again, like a lot of plants it doesn’t like a lot of direct sunlight, so a spot on the floor is perfect in my home. Be sure to give it a nice big pot to grow into!
06. Ficus.
There are quite a few different types of Ficus plant (rubber trees, fiddle leaf figs), and I own a small Weeping Fig and a HUGE Ficus Alii. All the variations I’ve had all like a good level of humidity, so I get a spray bottle to spritz water on the leaves. They like a good level of sun and grow pretty quickly, so recommend fertilizing in the warmer, summer months.
07. Pilea Peperomioides.
Now, these don’t typically make a lot of easy to care for plant lists, but I seem to have got mine nailed. It £15 for just a small plant, and when I first got it all the bottom leaves turned brown and fell off, so I was pretty terrified I’d killed it. Little did I know it was just about to send up a whole bunch of new leaves, and I’ve actually got four little babies off it now. It’s in my living room which is north facing and not the warmest, so I only water about once a fortnight, and it is doing so well. 
08. Boston Fern.
I never used to be a huge fan of a fern, but I absolutely love them now. This particular type is the most common, always found in IKEA for about three quid. But they grow like nobodies business, and mine is so lovely and thick now, despite always forgetting about watering. It’s in my dining area which is just outside the conservatory, so it gets lots of brightness but no direct sunlight at all. They like a good misting too, so I always spray with the water bottle. 
09. Succulents.
C’mon, do we even really need to talk about succulents?! Keep them as close to the window as possible without them getting burned, and soak them with water but let the soil dry out before you do it again. Ignore them in Winter!
10. Fakes!
If, even after reading all of this, you simply can’t keep plants alive – go fake! There’s a heap out there which are great quality. I have some fake hanging plants, similar to a string of pearls plant, and everyone always thinks they’re real! 
What are your favourite easy to care for house plants? Read my general tips for all plants here!


  1. April 21, 2017 / 10:41 am

    Saved this to go plant shopping. I generally have artifical flowers/plants in the house because plants don't last long with me. Haha but these might work.

    • June 5, 2017 / 6:21 pm

      Hope you found it helpful! 🙂

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