Store Spotlight : Maisons Du Monde

Y’know those really annoying facebook ads that either show you the complete opposite of what you’re interested in, or tempt you into spending way too much money? That’s how I discovered Maisons Du Monde. After a quick look through the website, I spotted so many things I’d love for my home, I had to close the page pretty quickly before I did something my bank balance would regret.
My favourite piece has to be the Sunburst Mirror, which if it wasn’t for the £££ would be currently on my mantelpiece instead of the TK Maxx number I bought instead. I’m a little bit in love with the Blush Faux Fur Throw too; I’m trying to add more to my bedroom and this would be perfect in there.
T H E  R E S T :
(Artificial Fern : £5.99 | Polka Dot Candlestick : £20.39 | Copper Candle Holder : £11.99 | Gold Metal Wall Storage : £32.39 | Sequin Basket : £23.99 | Fabric Linen Basket : £20.39 | Gold Metal Pendant : £107.50 | Fabric & Birch Chair : £83.99 | Ethnic Cushion Cover : £8.39)
What do you think of my picks?
p.s. this isn’t a sponsored post! i just really like the brand 🙂

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