February Goals

Well, hello there! We’re already five days into February so this post is a little delayed, but hey, it’s better late than never. I’m really wishing this month flies by because I am so. ready. for Spring; I’m done with feeling like I might take off every time I step out of the door, or needing five layers to not freeze. But, other than hibernating, here’s a few things I’d like to achieve this month.
01. I did the Veganuary challenge in January, and I’ve been trying to eat as many plant based, whole foods as possible, rather than indulge in the awesome selection of vegan ice creams and chocolates there are on the market these days. I started off a bit slowly but by the end of the month I’m down 11lbs, which I’m SO happy with! I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m really happy with my body (and lets face it, I’ll probably never be 100% with it) but I’ve made some really good progress in January to rid myself of my sugar and dairy addictions! I’ll be sticking at being vegan and trying to eat as well as possible.
02. I’m forever cleaning and tidying my home (thanks, Ada!) but my office gets really neglected. I’ve been rearranging my desk and shelves a lot in January, but the “stock” area of the room is a total mess, that I really need to sort. We’ve also got a bit of decorating planned; it’s nothing too exciting, just a bit of fresh wallpaper in the kitchen and painting the hallway, but I’m hoping it’ll make a big difference when it’s done.
03. Kane and I are finally going on a beach holiday, hallelujah! It’s been TEN YEARS (!!!) since I last went on holiday that wasn’t a city break, and my body feels like it’s crying out for the rest. Obviously it’s not going to be totally relaxing with Ada coming with us, but we’re trying to book the most family friendly resort we can find so there’s plenty to keep her happy and amused whilst we’re there.
04. I know I’m always saying it, but I’d like to get some regular posts on here. I feel like I go a week where I get a few new things up, and then give you a week of silence. I’ve got some new ideas written down, so hopefully I can spend a day or two getting lots of photographs stockpiled to get posts written in the evenings!
What do you have planned for February?

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