The Perfect Valentines Flowers

A couple days ago I had a knock on the door, and a man stood with a beautiful, bunch of flowers. I immediately wondered who’d sent them, until he said “Can you take these in for 120, love?!” I couldn’t help feel a tiiiiny bit disappointed, so when Prestige Flowers got in touch offering to send me a bouquet, I immediately said yes.

Two days later a rather large box appeared at my doorstep, and inside was the L’Amour bouquet, and have you ever seen such beautiful flowers?! The roses are absolutely perfect, and stunning rose lillies – according to their website, they are the only florist in the UK to sell these, so the bouquet is even more special. It also arrived in a cute little enamel jug, and with little booklets on how to care for your flowers.

I’m so over the moon with my flowers, I’ll be a little devastated when they die. Perhaps I can persuade Kane to buy me another bunch for Valentines?!

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