How Should We Measure Success?

There’s a lot of videos floating around the internet, but one in particular caught my attention a couple weeks ago. It was a piece about “Millenials”, and it made a couple points about how we’re constantly seeking instant gratification, and thanks to the rise of social media we struggle making real relationships and we’re stuck in a circle of comparison; “that girl is pretty than me”, “they’ve got a gorgeous home, they must be really well off!”.. You get the jist.
It’s more apparent this time of the year that we all seem to be striving for something. To lose weight, to grow our businesses, to get a promotion.. To be happier? Our Instagram and Twitter feeds are full of people wearing new clothes, using the latest tech, adding things to our home, and most of us seem to be desperate to achieve it all, always wanting more. I’m sure if you asked the average joe on the street how they’d measure success, it’d be a big house and a fancy car. But how about if we changed our perception on success? Created our own standards?
What we all really want is happiness. We should be out experiencing things rather than spending our cash on bits to clutter our drawers. And surveys have shown that despite our finances rising and being better off in many senses, our happiness levels haven’t risen at all. We might get that temporary burst of dopamine when we purchase something we like, but it doesn’t last. We need another hit, and another, and another.
Personally, I know I’m always wanting more. I’d LOVE to have a bit more money in the bank. Being realistic, probably so I could spend it rather than save, but why not be happy with what I’ve got? My business isn’t going to make me a millionare, but it does mean that I get to spend most of my days seeing my little girl grow up – something worth more than any money in the bank, surely? My work is easy, convenient, it pays my bills and it gives me all the time needed for Ada.
It might not get you the latest iphone or a wardrobe full of designer clothes, but if your work makes you happy, it’s something you’re passionate about and lets you live comfortably.. Well, that sounds pretty successful to me. 

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