Let’s Talk About Plants

I feel like “plant lady” should be one of the things in all my social media bios, the obsession has really taken hold this year. I have at least one plant on every surface in my home now; not only do certain ones have great health benefits such as purifying the air, they add a beautiful pop of green and life to each room. I used to be a bit of a serial killer when it came to most forms of plant life in my home, but it becomes a bit of a pricey business when I’m not taking proper care of them and needing to replace them every once in a while, so here’s my tips on not keeping those plant babies alive..
1. Read the labels.
Yeah, I know, it seems fairly obvious, but this is something I didn’t do until regularly. I used to buy plants with a certain place in mind, but different plants have different needs. Even if the label just has the name, a quick google will tell you everything you need to know on the water needs, how much light (or not) it needs, and advice on pruning and repotting.
2. Trim the dead leaves.
Like flowers, pruning can encourage regrowth, so remove any yellowing or dead leaves carefully.
3. Keep them clean.
It’s a bit of a pain cleaning plants, especially those with plenty of leaves, but it could stop your plant growing if they end up a little dusty. Take a damp cloth to the leaves regularly to make sure it doesn’t damage your plant.
4. Don’t overwater.
Plants die more often from overwatering than actually being left to dry out a little – you shouldn’t let them get as dry as the Sahara, but most plants will benefit from the soil being a bit dry before watering again. If you have them in pots, make sure you empty out the water that’s drained through to avoid root rot. They’ll require a lot less water in winter than in summer, too.
5. Buy easy to care for ones.
If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a cacti or a succulent. All you need is a sunny spot and the tiniest bit of care in the warmer months.
Are you a house plant lover?

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