6 Tips To Become a Morning Person

As a parent, you don’t get much of a say as to whether you’re a morning person or not; your kid wakes up and you’ve got to drag your ass up out of bed with them. But actually, for quite a good few months before I even got pregnant with Ada, I morphed into a morning person. I spent most of my days getting out of bed before even 7am, and working from home that meant I’d achieved so much by lunch. I’m a strong believer that how you treat your mornings is how you set yourself up for the day, and studies have shown that early risers not only tend to work better, but have increased memory and better mental health than those who preferred the extra hour or two in bed. So it’s time to quit with the snooze button and crawl out of bed early!

1. Go to bed early.

Woah, I know what you’re thinking; “Gee, cheers for the top notch advice there, Cath”. It’s fairly obvious but you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Most evening’s I fall asleep on the sofa by 10pm because I’m so exhausted, which means I’m getting around 8 hours a night, and I usually wake up before Ada, ready for the day.

2. Drink coffee.

I’m not advocating anyone developing a caffeine addiction, but coffee does get me through those mornings when perhaps I’ve not had the best nights sleep. I can actually get up out of bed because the thought of a nice mug of freshly ground and brewed coffee from my fancy coffee machine is just too good to ignore! 

3. Have something to do.

If I wake up and have nothing to do other than sit in front of the TV, I feel so sluggish for hours afterwards. Personally I always find it best to wake up and get straight onto doing something, whether that’s doing a light workout, eating breakfast or starting work. Try not to snooze!

4. Be consciencious of how you spend your evenings.

This ties in with the whole “get an early night thing”, because people will always struggle to get to bed early enough when they don’t switch off. My partner is awful with this, he’s always up until 2am either watching TV, on his phone or on his Xbox, and then complains he never feels tired in the evenings. With so much going on, his brain will never switch off in time for when he needs to go to bed. As soon as Ada’s in bed, I lower all the lights and just have the lamp on with a couple candles, and if I’m ever struggling to sleep, I’ll hop into bed with a book; no phone, no tv.

5. Ease yourself into it.

If you’re really not a morning person at all, don’t try to start immediately getting up at 6.30 rather than your usual 9.30am. Start by perhaps trying to get up 15-30 minutes earlier each day, until you’re at the point you’d like to be.

6. Try to keep up with it every day.

The way to really make changes is to stick with something, so even if it takes a while to implement, stick with waking up at least a tiny bit earlier every day. Even at weekends (sorry!)
Are you a morning person? Do you have any tips on becoming an early riser too?

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