11 Months Old

Are you noticing the distinct decline of quality of photographs as you’re getting older?! You literally never stay still long enough for me to snap you anymore, unless it’s a sly one I have to take whilst you’re pre-occupied! Daddy and I bought you a push along walker a couple months ago, and this week you finally took it on your first little stroll! With a little direction you can go straight through the living room, to the kitchen, dining room and conservatory. You’ve also started eating with a spoon, and I’m sure I heard little noises that sounded a lot like “Hiya!” and “Ada” coming from your mouth.
It’s been a month of firsts, really. Your first fireworks, first snow.. And coming up to your first birthday. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. I’m soaking up all the baby cuddles and having nap times together, because I know I’ll blink and you’ll suddenly be 18 months! You make me the proudest and happiest Mama around, I hope I can give you a happy and fun-filled first birthday!

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