5 Simple Ways To Be More Productive

My days are spent flitting between the roles of Mother, housewife and business owner, so when I’ve got the time to work, I work. That time is seriously precious to me, as my never-ending to-do list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here’s a few of the ways I make sure I’m as productive as possible.

Turn off notifications

I know I’m not alone in my phone being the biggest time-wasting thing I own. Of course, there are days when I can spend a good thirty minutes on my phone before getting down to what I’m supposed to be doing, but I try to avoid that as much as possible by turning off all notifications, and hopefully getting rid of the distraction.

Take a break 

“Whuuuuuut, you just said ignore your phone and get to work!” Yeah, I know, but having the occasional break is essential. Working for yourself it’s easy to go through the day hardly looking at the clock, and before you realise half the day is gone. Personally I feel so much more refreshed after a little fifteen minute break a couple times a day, and then I can get back to work and work much better.

Get a good night’s sleep

This one is kind of out of my hands, I’ve got a little person who pretty much dictates how much sleep I’m going to get. But I still try to give myself the best night I possibly can, which means no more midnight Pinterest sessions, and instead I’m usually in bed around 10.30-11 every night, these days. Without a proper night’s sleep, I wake in the morning feeling so sluggish and tired, it’s hard to get into work straight away.

Plan your day in importance

The first thing I do when I’ve got a baby free day to work is plan. I make sure I write down every little thing that needs doing, in order of importance so if I run out of time, I’ve done the essential stuff first. And don’t start the next thing until you’ve completely finished the first.

Create your ideal workspace

I wrote a post a good while ago about creating the perfect deskspace (which coincidentally is completely different from how it looks now!), which for me is a clear space with prints, all my stationery and notepads, and enough space to work with the stock I’ve got. It’s different for everyone but I find keeping my space as tidy as possible whilst having everything I need on hand contributes a lot to my productivity. 
How do you make yourself more productive?


  1. October 28, 2016 / 2:50 pm

    I definitely need to create myself a nice little workspace, I'm so guilty of just working from the sofa and procrastinating for hours! x

  2. Jo Hutchinson
    October 28, 2016 / 3:10 pm

    Great advice, thank you

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