9 Months Old

Well, this picture was technically taken the week before you turned 9 months old, but it’s incredibly hard to take a picture of you these days, you just won’t stay still! You definitely aren’t happy unless you’re on the move; your crawling is super speedy now, and you’re pulling yourself up on everything now. You finally mastered bending your knees enough to be able to walk with mummy and daddy’s help, although your balance still isn’t quite there yet!
It’s been a strange old month with you, and not one of the easiest, being honest! I think you’re currently going through a little separate anxiety, although luckily it’s not person specific, but you sometimes get a little cranky being put down or if I walk out the room. I know it’s only a phase, and for now I’m just soaking up all those little baby cuddles and snoozes I get with you. We took a trip to the Lakes, which again wasn’t great as you’ve had a little tummy bug; you loved being nakey in the park until Uncle Sam brought you a new dress after we had to strip you out of a sicky covered one! We took another trip to the park and yet again, you tried to eat sand, and went on your first little swing! You giggled away watching your cousin, Mia, whizz backwards and forwards next to you; you two are the best of friends these days, and it’s so lovely to watch.
I can’t believe you’ve now been on the outside as long as you were inside, it feels like so long ago now that you were still just a bum in my tummy. I know it’ll be your first birthday before we know it!


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