12 Realisations of Being a Working At Home Mum

1. Sleep is lacking. I mean, sleep is lacking anyway as a Mum, but all those handy “sleep when the baby sleeps” “if the baby is napping so should you” tidbits aren’t all that handy when you’ve got stock that needs to be posted out and an ever-growing to do list.
2. There isn’t much time left over for any hobbies. Hence the lack of blog posts for months on end at a time.
3. Or any real time for yourself, even. My nails are seriously neglected, bath times are reduced and don’t even get me started on the books piling up in my room that I wanted to read.
4. Days out are rarity. I make the most of any days out I get with Ada and Kane because they’re few and far between; most of the time I have to stay in to make the most of the peace and quiet whilst Kane takes Ada out with family. Huuurumph.
5. The neighbours think I’m unemployed. As does the postman, random passer-bys, everyone but the Hermes collection man (yes, I do use Hermes, don’t hate me!) I’m in most of the time and half the time don’t get out of my pyjamas, oops.
6. People will think you’ve got it easy. Surely I’ve got the best of both worlds, hey? Working from home and trying to squeeze in the time to work and look after a baby, going back to work a few days after having said baby and recovering from a forceps delivery? Yes, best of both worlds. Ho ho ho. 
7. The mess around your home will drive you mad. And every so often you’ll have to ignore that previously mentioned growing to-do list to quickly hoover, dust and wash up, because unlike your partner you don’t get to leave the house and ignore it all until the evening.
8. You have to have a good routine in place. And be organized, otherwise you’ll quickly be heading to breakdown alley. Or breakdown town, that has a bit of a better ring to it. Ada’s routine is fairly in place although it has to have a bit of flexibility to it. She also has to be in bed by about 7pm, otherwise Mama can’t get no work done. 
9. Three meals a day just don’t happen. Most of the time I kind of forget to eat until dinner, especially now Ada is crawling around and I can’t take my eyes off her for a second. When she naps I’m working, not eating (unfortunately).
10. It’s hard to switch off. Like the majority of people who work from home, baby or not, your home is a mashed up version of an office and a home, so it can sometimes feel like there’s nowhere to switch off or relax, like you should be working all the time.
11. You have to ask for help, and you can’t do it all. When Ada was a little baby that slept a lot more, things were a lot easier. She’s a lot bigger now and although she’s also gaining a lot of independence, she needs a lot of looking over. I’m lucky that Kane’s Mum can help me out and look after Ada one day a week, then I’ve got four or five hours to just work. 
12. Maternity leave sucks. Before this turns into the biggest pity party ever, I know in the long run, I do have a good situation going on. And things will get easier as Ada gets older and she can go to nursery a couple days a week, and then head off to school. And I’l always be around to pick her up and drop her off, look after her on the school holidays. I don’t need to arrange childcare, and I don’t have to leave my little baby to go back to work any time soon. So whilst it’s hard, it’s tough work and I feel like I barely get a minute to myself, it’s all oh so worth it. I don’t have to worry about missing her first word, or her taking her first steps, I don’t have to leave a crying baby behind to go sit at an office desk or stand behind a till. Because I get to spend most of my days with my little girl. And that’s just the best. 

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    • August 20, 2016 / 11:27 am

      It definitely is, I always feel like I'm struggling to get the balance right.

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