An Update

Well, hello there! I certainly didn’t expect to be finding myself posting after a two and a half month break, trying to find my feet in the blogging world again. Turns out, that whole “we’re in a routine where I know exactly when I can work” didn’t last very long, the novice in me didn’t realise babies were changing all the time. Gone were the 10am starts, replaced with cries at 7.30am to get up, and a morning coffee with the sounds of Rastamouse and Mike the Knight in the background. 
Ada also decided that sleeping through the night was much too easier for Mama, and as three months she went through what is normally the four month sleep regression. We’re still working through that now, although not particularly well; on a good night I feed her 3 times after she goes to bed at 7.30, on a bad one I could be up every 1-2 hours. We’ve never particularly been one for routine and set naptimes, but I’m going to see how she responds to sleep training this week.
It’s been a bit of a difficult time recently as I just feel like I’ve got no time for myself; especially with Ada refusing to nap during the day anywhere but on me, as we’d previously had success with her napping in her pram, I’m managing to get less and less done and basically work until I go to bed after she’s gone to sleep. Blogging has always just been a hobby for me and something I can lose myself in, so I’m determined to try and get some more posts up.
In terms of my little baby, well she doesn’t feel too little any more! She’s close to being sat up on her own now, although most of the time needs to rest on her hands. She’s always reaching out for things though, so she doesn’t stay up too long before toppling face first into whatever’s in front of her. And she’s been reaching out for things that technically she shouldn’t be doing quite yet, like Mama’s food! She’s been grabbing at my food and stuffing it in her mouth for a while now, and her hand eye co-ordination has been seriously good for sometime, so we starting weaning a week ago, so a little earlier than I would have done considering she’s only 24 weeks. I’ve been mostly just offering her very well cooked vegetables and soft fruit, with a tiny amount of puree. There hasn’t been much she hasn’t fancied yet, only the cooler fruits like watermelon that I don’t think she likes handling too much. Broccoli is her absolute favourite, she absolutely goes crazy for the little stalks I give her, although the majority does end up all over her, the floor and the highchair.
So, hopefully I won’t be writing another one of these updates in a couple months time having not heard from me again, I’m going to be getting to snapping away and having photographs ready for some late night post writing, I guess it just means I’ll be getting even less sleep!

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