6 Months In

It’s such an odd feeling looking back on these last six months; part of me can’t believe my once tiny little baby is already half a year old, and part of me feels like she’s been here so much longer. 
Some things haven’t changed much; I still have my wobbly mum tum, we’re still breastfeeding (wahoo!), and as of this going live, Ada is still sleeping in our room. But lots has changed in six months. Ada has turned from a completely helpless newborn who required so much care and attention, to a little baby who’s growing in independence each day. She’s not really on the move yet, unless you count on her back, then she can scoot across the room in no time. She’s close to sitting up on her own, she’s rolled over from her front and her back now, she’s been eating for a couple of weeks (we started a little early, sssssh! there’ll be a whole post on our weaning journey soon) and she pretty much chomps away happily on everything I put in front of her.
Happily is the world I’d use to describe most things about Ada, really. Everywhere we go people stop to have a little look in her pram, and she’ll wave around her arms, smiling and giggling away. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, she babbles away, making a real racket most of the time! She’s teething quite badly now (if you follow me on snapchat you’ll have seen her trying to steal my phone just to munch on it!) but even that she seems to be going through like a little trooper. I can tell already she is so much more confident and outgoing than I am, I hope that never changes. She laughs at the funniest little things, and you can basically make her laugh saying anything to her as long as you look away, then look back and exaggerate the word. Or even scaring her a little, reduces her into a fit of giggles! Playing peekaboo or hiding her under a blanket is her favourite. 
I know it’s silly to focus on sleeping habits, most babies suck in this department. But she’s even been better at this recently, and she’s now finally napping in her cot through the day and only waking once during the night for a feed. I think she’s ready for her to finally go into her own room soon, and I know it’ll be me having to make the hardest adjustments, not her! I look forward to my evenings when Ada’s in bed so I can have a bit of time to myself, only to find myself looking through my phone at pictures and videos of her. 
My little Ada Grace, you have filled my life with so much joy and love in the last six months, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life as your mother. 

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