My Baby Essentials

Buying for a baby can be pretty hard work; there’s a serious amount of things out there, and of course the stores would advise you to get a lot of it in, when in reality you don’t need that much. There’s a few select things that I really couldn’t live without, so I thought I’d share my essentials so far!
1 | I picked up a swing for Ada from a car boot for £8, which is honestly an absolute steal. When you need a minutes peace, or ten to do the washing up, this is priceless. Ada will quite happily sit in her swing for around thirty minutes, and most of the time, even if she’s having a bit of a whinge, she’ll fall asleep in it. I have a Chad Valley swing which has a few different speeds and plays little tunes, but there’s loads on the market, I like the look of this one from Mamas & Papas.
2 | If you follow me on Instagram, you might have spotted a post about Ada finally taking her dummy recently. I picked up the Natursutten one as it’s made out of a natural rubber, and has a large mouth cover which touches the nose, so mimics the feeling of a breast for the baby. It took Ada a while to show any interest at all, but now that she’s got the hand of it she can send herself off to sleep sucking it, which as a breastfeeding Mum, is wonderful!
3 | One of my beautiful lady friends got me a bunch of Burts Bees baby things as a baby shower present, and they are just lovely. The Calming Lotion is really nice to give a baby massage with, and it has such a lovely scent which is perfect for using in the evenings. The little sets are really good too, like the Getting Started kit. It’s great for trying out products without having to buy full size, just to make sure they agree with your baby’s delicate skin!
4 | I don’t swaddle Ada anymore, although I did whilst she was a tiny baby in her moses basket, and it seemed to give her a bit of a comfort and make her feel secure out in the big world. I’ve got a few different ones and whilst I like them all, the quality of the Aden & Anais ones is unbeatable. Now I don’t swaddle her I use them as lightweight blankets or a shawl for feeding, but there’s a lot of possible uses for them. 
5 | Ada was in a moses basket for the first few weeks of her life, but being such a tall baby, she quickly outgrew it. The first night we put her in her cotbed, she slept through from 11-7 and has done ever since, so shoutout to the Marks & Spencer Hasting Cotbed. With the price of a mattress added on, it’s definitely not a budget option, but the quality is seriously good and it’ll last for years. There’s a handy pull out drawer for underneath too, where I store all her bedding. I thought I’d mention too that now she’s not swaddled, I use the Marks & Spencers Sleeping Bags which Ada absolutely loves, she kicks her little legs in excitement as soon as we get her ready for bed. They’re really good quality and feel nice and soft, and with a little wriggler on my hands, I can sleep knowing Ada is safe inside them. 
6 | Another thing I couldn’t live without is my Mamas & Papas Playmat, it’s the second thing that can keep Ada entertained for a good hour or so. She loves reaching out trying to hit the things dangling down, and it makes a good sensory toy with lots of different textures and noises to be made! Mine isn’t the exact one pictured but again, there’s a lot of good options out there. 
7 | I’m pretty sure most Mamas can’t live without sleepsuits, whilst I settled into motherhood it’s all Ada wore around the house for the first four weeks. Ones from Marks & Spencers and John Lewis are my favourites (we just picked up this cute bunny set for A!) I found the ones from George to be pretty good quality too, but unfortunately Ada grew out of hers at around 7 weeks old as she’s such a tall baby, whereas the M&S and John Lewis 0-3 months are still good. 
I know all babies are different so what works for me might not be what works for you and your baby, but I thought I’d talk through my favourites anyway. What are your baby essentials?

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