Being A WAHM (Working At Home Mum)

Being a parent is hard enough.. Throw into the mix trying to run a business, blog and looking after a house, it’s pretty exhausting at times. Ada is now in quite a good routine which definitely helps, but I’ve still picked up a few tips along the way to really get the most out of my days.
Work when they’re napping
At first you’re told by everyone to sleep when they are, but as a WAHM, you’ve got to make the most of those precious free hours. I should probably get Ada up earlier in the mornings, but I know that after her 7am feed, she’ll go back down for up to two hours, and after another small feed, she’ll usually sleep for around a further 90 minutes. This is when I make the most of my time to get some new stock listings done, sort out parcels that need to be sent out, and get sharing it all on social media. 
Work smarter, not longer
When you do find the time to work, it’s time to werk girl! Turn off the TV, get up to that office and really get to work. Put your phone on silent, or in another room, and try to get everything you need to as quickly as possible. Separate your working area from your usual living area. 
Have an organized workspace
This really ties in with the previous point; spend some time creating a desk space that works for you, with everything you need so you’re not wasting time searching for things when you should be working. A clear desk with a couple prints, a nice diffuser and all my stationery puts me in the right, relaxed mood to work. And remember to declutter and tidy up at the end of your working time. I’m awful for this, I never put away that days new stock listings, so when I come to work the next day I need to tidy up first. When you’re pushed for time, it’s not the greatest start. 
Prioritise your tasks
Sometimes you won’t always get in the time you need (babies are indecisive little things!) and anything can throw a normal routine out of the window, so it’s important to get the most important things done first. If you have deadlines, make sure they’re all sorted before moving onto other things. Personally, I’m usually focusing on getting new stock into my shop, so unfortunately my blog sometimes ends up being a little neglected. I make sure I always get my photographs done first though, so if Ada does take a good nap in the afternoon, I can usually get a post or two written up as well. 
Create a morning routine
I always feel a good start to the day makes everything go that much easier. Getting up, making my bed, getting dressed and having a (decaffeinated!) coffee or green smoothie really starts my day off properly. Before Ada came along I’d get up whenever I fancied, treated myself to a nice breakfast, watched This Morning and probably started my work mid afternoon. By that time I’d already lulled in energy so much, I probably got half the work I do now done, without a baby!
Ask for help
Most of my work definitely gets done when Kane has days off work, but I don’t want to spend all our free time stuck at home because I need to spend it on my laptop. It doesn’t matter quite as much whilst Ada is still a teenie baby, but as she gets older, we need to be taking her out, being entertained and discovering new things. I work as much as I can in the mornings, but if that just can’t happen, I have a family member round once a week to look after Ada for me. I’m sure most grandparents wouldn’t ever turn down spending time with the newest member of the family, and it means I can get on with my work undisturbed (until she needs a feed!)
Learn to roll with it
Unfortunately, some days you can put all of these points into action, and it’s still all going to go horribly wrong. That’s just the way it is with kids! Don’t spend your time getting frustrated because you’ve been interrupted, spend the day with your kiddo and make up the time when you can. 
Do you have any tips for getting stuff done at home with a baby?

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