A Relaunch

Well, ‘Lady Liquor’ is no more. And thank goodness! A relaunch has been a long time coming really, Lady Liquor was started as a way to promote my online shop Lace & Liquor Vintage, another thing I’d be renaming if I didn’t have so many darn business cards to get rid of! Honestly guys, a tip from me, when you’re eighteen and thinking of names for a shop you want to open, just consider when you’ll be twenty five with a child, wishing you’d given more thought to your ridiculous business name! But oh well, it’s all just trial and error until we get there in the end.
This blog hasn’t been about my business for a long time now, but now really feels like the perfect time to give things a change. I was absent from my online space for so much of last year, and I’m really going to try to build it all back up again from now on. ‘Hey, Mama’ will of course be a space for discussing motherhood, as well as snippets of the usual business talk, beauty and interiors. I’ve got a whole load of posts lined up and ideas scribbled down, there’s nothing like a rebrand for fresh inspiration. 
All my social media handles have been changed too, so if you fancy seeing me on there, head over to:
Twitter / heymamablog
Facebook / heymamablog
Instagram / heymamablog
Pinterest / heymama_blog

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