The Vegan Kind 11.

I was really excited for this months The Vegan Kind box, but on first impressions I wasn’t too impressed. Upon delving a bit deeper it’s not anywhere near as bad as I thought, but I still think there’s just slightly too many ‘fruit’ snacks for my liking; if I want something fruity, I’d rather just eat fruit so I like seeing something more chocolatey, crisps or for cooking in the boxes. But anyway, it wasn’t a complete bust as everything inside I will use and have/will eat!

Taste Spice Magic BBQ Dust (£2.95)
I wanted some more things to cook with, so here’s my wish granted! This months box came with a fajita recipe including all the sauces so this would be perfect to use for that. I probably won’t think outside the box and will be making bean and pepper fajitas with this later on in the week!

Nothing But. Pineapple & Grape Snack (£1.20)
We got a bag of these last month but the vegetable versions, which were mangetout and red pepper. Sadly they went straight in the bin as I thought they were awful, but these were much nicer and really lovely flavours. They’re not something I’d usually pick as I would just eat pineapple and grapes, but they were nice to try out.

Ombar Organic Coco Mylk Bar (£1.99)
This was my favourite item in the box I’ve tried, oh my goodness it is delicious. The coconut flavour is lovely and it’s such creamy, yummy chocolate, not the usual bitter dark chocolate you’d expect to be stuck with as a vegan. I wish there was a larger bar of this in here, although I doubt my waistline would!

Skin Likes Natural Deodrant (£4.95)
I haven’t tried anything like this before so I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl. It has lots of essential oils in so seems like it’ll be really nourishing and hydrating, although it’ll be interesting to see if it works as well as the standard highstreet deodrant options. I always like using more natural skincare so I’m hoping this’ll be really good.

Bear Paws (£0.60)
These cute little snacks are made out of nothing but fruit so are great for people who are perhaps looking to be a little healthier, but personally I just found them a little boring! I’ve tried things like these from Holland & Barrett before, but they’re just not the sort of thing I’d usually go for.

Creative Nature Blissful Berry Snack Bar (£1)
One of these have been in a box before and I wasn’t a big fan before, it was very sweet and a bit too sweet for me to eat. Unfortunately this one is just the same; it’s not something I’d say I dislike and I could eat it, but again like a few of the others, I wouldn’t necessary pick this up in a shop.

Hoots Snacks Pickled Onion (£0.60)
I was actually feeling quite negative about these too when I first spotted them; not about the concept but the flavour, usually pickled onion doesn’t float my boat at all. But these weren’t too overpowering and were actually really delicious and filling. I think they’re a steal for 60p too, you get quite a lot in the bag and being like little multigrain bread snacks you feel like you’re getting a lot compared to a bag of crisps. These were one of my favourites from the box, I’ll definitely be looking out for this brand out and about.

So overall, as you can probably guess, not my favourite from TVK! But they’ve still introduced me to a few new brands and lovely products, if it had been a box of the hoots snacks, a bigger bar of chocolate, the deodrant and a bigger cooking thing it would have been super. I’m still holding out for another big bag of the beautiful fudge from a few boxes ago, a girl can dream..


  1. September 9, 2014 / 9:49 am

    This looks like a really good concept, but a shame the box wasn't completely to your taste this time! I love the sound of the chocolate – I'm probably going to wholefoods on friday and I know they sell it there so I might pick up a bar or two 🙂 xx

  2. smith
    September 9, 2014 / 2:00 pm

    this is a great list.. so many thanks to compile together here.. smith – Hairdressers Sheffield

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