Home Snippets, #1

Home decor is something that I love, and I’m always buying new homewares or making little changes to my home, so it’s actually a bit of a surprise that I don’t really feature it on the blog so much. Every room has a bit of a different theme but I do love my old things and there’s a lot of 1950s bits dotted around, which I’ve been buying a lot of recently. 

I’ve got a bit of a thing for planters at the moment, and just looking around my living room that I’m sat in I have 5 plants, and a couple in my kitchen too. Some cute 50s fabrics have really been brightening up my living room, and I love the lampshade I recovered last month. The addition of a new to me coffee table has really finished off the room.

I’ve been eyeing up a set of 1950s plastic snack dishes for ages and finally bought them a couple weeks ago. They’re handy little dishes for bits and bobs when I don’t have snacks, and one is housing a couple lip products I’ve been really enjoying as my lips have been so dry this week. This is my first try of the Nuxe Reve De Miel and it’s definitely love. Let me know if you like posts like these and I’ll be sure to include more of my home on my blog!

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  1. May 9, 2014 / 7:42 am

    I love that clock because it looks like a HUGE eye ball (and I am totally into those)

  2. Lets Talk Beauty
    May 9, 2014 / 9:40 am

    You have lovely style – I really like seeing a peek inside peoples homes & you've decorated with some lovely vintage pieces. I like the coffee table & pretty storage solutions


  3. Stephanie Eva
    May 9, 2014 / 11:19 am

    Great pictures! You have a lovely home. I always coo over your pins and posts on instagram as I love the vintage style and would love my house to emulate it.. Maybe some day, right? haha!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  4. Amber Hunter
    May 9, 2014 / 5:21 pm

    I love these types of posts and I absolutely love the vintage style throughout your house. Too gorgeous Catherine πŸ™‚
    Lovely Notions

  5. Alex
    May 11, 2014 / 9:52 am

    I love the cream curtains with the pink flowers in picture four, would love to know where they're from? πŸ™‚ x

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