Monday, 26 February 2018

Some Living Room Updates - #AYearOfInteriors

I feel like I could probably write this post every week, this is the room I am forever making changes in. Everything but the big things; the chairs, the side tables, the cushions, they are constantly moving around and finding home in different rooms. And usually just when I think I've finally got it perfect, I get a thought in my head and off I go, doing it all again. Here's some of my latest additions to this room.

A  G O L D  T R A Y

Let it never be said that I'm not a girl who knows her own taste, I have a gold tray in pretty much every room of the house nowadays. It makes my little cluttered area of little candles and flowers look like organised clutter, and just adds a little something extra to the space. I picked up the little test tube vase from Matalan a couple weeks ago too - I wrote about how incredible Matalan homewares are at the moment in my newsletter.

A  R E L A X E D  M A N T E L P I E C E

I know it sounds a little strange, but last year there was a very specific order to my mantepiece, and if anyone put things up there that didn't belong (ahem, Kane), well I wouldn't be best impressed. This year I'm being a bit more relaxed with things; there's no order, no routine, just some pretty things that I love.

E R C O L  &  A  N E W  P L A N T E R

I shifted my Ercol chair back in here after a couple years spent in the conservatory, mostly because everything was looking a little too grey in the living room. It's one of the chairs that has a little bit of colour on, with the pink La Redoute throw and H&M Home mustard velvet cushion (one of my favourite colour combo's!)

I also finally managed to hunt down one of the instagram famous Matalan gold planters that everyone seems to own, and I'm not surprised for just £12!

A  B O H O  S E A T I N G  A R E A

This little spot around my window is probably the most changed area of my home, although also probably my most difficult to photograph, so I rarely share it! I popped our nice comfortable grey chair up in Ada's room, as this rattan one that used to be up there isn't exactly the best thing to snuggle up with her on, reading our bedtime stories.

So the rattan number came down, and it's been accessorised with a couple plants, a faux sheepskin and my knitted pouffe, to create a bit of a boho look. Although I'm not 100% sold on it yet, it feels a bit try hard? Almost like a "get the boho look" checklist; rattan, check. Snake plant, check. Sheepskin, check!

So it'll be staying like this for now, but perhaps I might actually have to write another one of these posts next week! What do you think? Should it stay or should it go?

It's the second post in our A Year of Interiors link up, so please head off and give all the other posts a little read!

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