Friday, 12 January 2018

Creating A Vision Board

the law of attraction
2018 vision board

After binge-watching Sarah Akwisombe's youtube channel, I decided to make a vision board for everything I want to achieve in 2018. Basically, a vision board, rather than a mood board, is everything you want from the world - want a new car? Stick a car on there. Want happiness? Put on pictures that represent that feeling for you. With the help of Pinterest, magazines and a little blu-tack, an hour later my board for 2018 was complete.

I chose to be a little more metaphorical with most of my board, but I did put on some fairly obvious things. Starting off, I want to earn more money this year. Gone are the days of putting myself down and berating myself, saying I'll never earn enough money. I now visualise myself as a woman with money, and I feel like it's working. My vintage shop's sales are up, blog work is coming in and I've had three sponsored instagram posts already this year.

The nails and flowers are a representation of things I can have when I earn more money; little things like that might be nothing to some, but they're certainly not things I could afford regularly last year. I may be being counter-productive by aiming small, in terms of law of attractive anyway, but I thought I'd start off with little things that make me happy for now.

2018 vision board

Of course, nothing in my life would be complete without a picture of Ada, because whilst the flowers and the nice nails are all well and good, I really do all this to try and make a better life with my family. 

I wrote in my 2018 goals that I'd like to say yes to more things, and have a little more belief in myself, so a couple of the pictures represent that. And whilst it might seem a little random, Drew Barrymore is always someone I've admired; she's a strong, powerful and intelligent woman who runs a few businesses, so that's always someone to learn from.

I purposefully left a few gaps, I think I'll add more as the year goes on and I can perhaps re-evaluate some goals along the way.

Have you created a vision board for 2018?


  1. Your vision board looks beautiful! I love the colour scheme. I've never made a "proper" vision board before (I usually stick to Pinterest) but I'd really like to give this a try.

  2. I always love to create a vision board it is so fun and also inspiring:)
    xx Kirsten


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