Friday, 14 July 2017

Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Update a Room

You've probably already noticed and it's something I mention quite a bit (sorry about that), but I like changing my home around A LOT. I get really happy with the rooms and then something switches and it needs to be changed. It could be a week, a month, or even a year, but eventually the rooms need updating. I don't have an endless amount of money in the bank to keep changing things, so I've come up with some thrifty ideas for updating rooms on a budget.

REARRANGE FURNITURE - Most of my rooms are restricted in layouts thanks to size, but the quickest and easiest way to update a room is switching things around. In the bedroom, why not get rid of a bedside table and create a cosy corner bed. Downstairs, switch around the chairs or mix up the cushions.

STYLE PIECES DIFFERENTLY - This is what I do the most regularly. I have displays over most of my furniture, usually consisting of a couple books, a vase of flowers or plant, a print or picture, a candle.. Restyle what you already have to keep things looking fresh

ADD IN PAINT OR WALLPAPER - A slightly more expensive option, but something that can create a really big impact in a room after just a days work. Look for sales or discounts if you need to, but usually a few rolls of a nice wallpaper won't set you back more than £50 and can completely transform a room.

UPCYCLE WHAT YOU HAVE - I used to upcycle a lot more than what I do now, but I still try to find uses for inexpensive things I've found. One of the things I still get complimented on (even though I've slightly gone off it now!) is the office wire tray I bought for about £3, spray painted and hung on the wall to display photographs on. With a little imagination it's easy to create something unique for just a few pounds. 

RUMMAGE IN THE CHARITY SHOPS - I am a massive charity shop advocate, and probably about half of my furniture comes from them or vintage stores. Not only are you more than likely buying something no-one else will have, it usually comes at a fraction of the price of new, too. I love Emmaus stores, but if you're in the North West I recommend GB Antiques, Bygone Times and The Vintage Emporium

Do you have any ideas on inexpensive ways to update your home?


  1. Love this post! Flowers and plants also make such a difference to a room! xx

    Lauren Rose:

    1. Thanks Lauren - glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Al Smith12:04

    Hi Where is the sofa and the black and gold table from? x

    1. It's the IKEA Norsborg sofa, and the table is actually a little stool from TK Maxx! :)


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